Sunday, July 4, 2010

Call for entries

I am supremely lazy today.  Between the heat, work, and the heat while working, my brain seems to have softened somewhat.  It may be melting as we speak.
Typing this is making my wrists warm up slightly, which is rather unpleasant as it says I am exerting myself.  I sympathize entirely with my wilted tomato plants on the roof.  I need your help in order to avoid extreme heat-exhaustion due to doing stuff.

My mother is coming.  She called the other day, and will be popping by for a week starting on the 15th of this month.  I am thrilled, but due to my present condition making a list of possibly attractive to-do's in Belgium or nearby countries is just not happening.

So I'm outsourcing, picking your brains while I occasionally muster up the energy and jot down a point or two of my own on paper.  Here's her profile: 60, and fit to walk for long periods of time.  Though she's a modern, highly educated professional, her only other European experience was a two-week walking-tour of Ireland.  She loves good food, is more interested in flowers than I am, and less seriously interested in art, though she doesn't mind smaller galleries.  Has and regularly rides a motorcycle.  Drinks both beer and a wine.  Tends to enjoy quaint little places and enjoys the beach (so Oostende is also in the plans as long as the weather cooperates.)  She is incredibly well-read.  Though she used to be able to speak French, she hasn't in a reeeeeeaaaaalllly long time, and I don't think she'll have the guts to give it a go (though who knows, maybe she'll surprise me.)  She is very excited about coming.  I'll probably take her to Paris for a day or two and Brussels for a day, but I'm short on time for planning the itinerary.

Does anyone out there know of things happening about these Belgian or slightly-outside-of-Belgian-parts between the 15th and 21st that a lady like this might love to take in?

Please do feel free to offer up your two cents.  Or even one or a halfpenny will do.  Like the little drops of rain that could help my tomato plants to revive (because god knows I don't have the energy to go up there and water them today,) your help may stop my overheated brain from turning into nothing more than a puddle of useless, liquified neurons that sloshes about at the base of my skull.  I'm pretty sure my mom might be happier about that too.


Anonymous said...

As a Canadian, one of the most interesting places I visited in Belgium was Ypres. The Menin Gate is spectacular, and the bunker where McCrae wrote In Flanders Fields is a 40-ish min. walk from the center of town if I remember correctly. There is a great WWI museum in town and the town itself is a nice quaint Flemish town.

Jennifer said...

Brugge and Antwerp!

A said... cannot recommend it highly enough. So much fun! City is bursting with music and people. A wonderful atmosphere. Just show up, wander about, drink some mojitos and enjoy!

Efrutik said...

I have to look into this! Will get back to you in a day or two :)

I HATE the heat. We are having a very hot weather here as well 100 F!