Friday, June 18, 2010

Toronto, meet Liège.

"Soldout plays at 23:15 tonight, will you be home in time?"

"I should be able to get away from the company that is eating every waking minute of my life by then, yes.  Make sure you're ready."

"I'm dressed now, it's 3pm.  All I have to do is not get undressed and I'll be ready."

....22:30pm, (Liège is home, devouring a bowl of chili, Toronto is taking an espresso.)

"Wait this thing happening in a field?"


"Shit.  This means I can't wear these heels, which means I can't wear these jeans."

"It's a festival, where did you think it would be?"

"I don't know... somewhere with pavement?  Or in a hall or something?  I didn't think Flemalle was the middle of nowhere!"

"Just find a pair of pants then and lets go!" (opening front door)

"Jeezus!  It's cold outside!  I can't wear just this!"

"Just bring a jacket.  Hurry!"

(regarding selection of shoes and coats uncomfortably,) "You know what? ... Just go.  Have a good time."


"I have nothing to wear for this kind of thing!  It's in a field!!"

"All festivals are in fields!!  Chop chop, go!"

"Fields take planning!  Not all festivals are in fields!  The nighttime part of Les Ardentes last year was in a hall - *That* festival was in the city!"

"You just have to find a f-ing pair of pants and some f-ing shoes and then..."

"No, seriously, just go.  Really, go."

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