Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time well wa.. um, spent?

Yet another day I've spent my time inside, sheltering the world from the horror that I have decided (rather inaccurately, though affectionately) to call leperhand.  Ok, honestly I'm sheltering myself from possible looks of disgust.  While it's true that many people don't look at hands... many do too, and I just can't be bothered to deal with the anxiety around it if I don't have to.  I tried being brave at one point, and applying makeup to leperhand with reasonable success, but then I realized that we had everything needed to eat at least for tonight, and decided to wash the make-up off since it'd probably only anger leperhand anyhow, and horror of horrors... I must work tomorrow.

I did take a picture of my hand, since it's not completely repulsive anymore, but then I decided that it was still completely repulsive, and that I would not show it to anyone.  I was amazed that boyfriend felt fine holding my hand at the movies the other night.  So you could say I'm oversensitive about it, and I'd agree.

What have I done while sheltering myself, in order not to lose my sanity, housebound with leperhand?

I have spent an unhealthy amount of time ogling various skin disorders on the mayo clinic website.  I have morbid fascinations like that sometimes.  I discovered that lyme disease leaves very characteristic and beautiful (can I say that?) telltale signs on the skin.

During the only venture outside of the house (other than to step out of the front door,  directly chicken-out and go back inside earlier in the day,) I submitted my papers to Euromut.  So there you go, if you figured 'sometime this week' as the most likely, you were right.  It really did take me that long.

I have spent far too much time tuned into a lame fashion channel.

I have had to admit to myself that despite my general aversion to makeup, and (as a result, I suppose,) my general lack of skill with it, facegoop is too funny not to add to my list of blogs followed, so I've fixed that.  No matter whether you love makeup or hate it, I doubt you'll regret checking them out (they are funny *and* have space lizards.)  And who knows?  Along the way I may actually find a way to like (and use) eyeliner.

I decided to attend a costume party as the victim of a horrible skin disease.

I decided to have far too many beer.

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