Thursday, June 17, 2010


Do you know Arno?  He is a made-in-Belgium rockstar.  He sings songs in English, French, and Flemish, and sometimes uses all three languages in one song.  He has charted reasonably well in France, Switzerland and Belgium, among others.  He loves a good drink, and knows not to take the serious people too seriously, especially the ones who get all up tight about, well... pretty much anything.  One of his tracks came up on my ipod while I was heading home from work the other day, thinking I might finally write that post about the elections.  I couldn't help but wonder what he must think of all the scrabbling about land, language, and rights-to-feel-superior that go on in this tiny nation, along with the recent elections.  Something tells me he thinks it's about as silly as any outsider looking in on the situation does.

I will talk about the elections in the next post, but I must say I feel he's a great introduction.  He kind of 'sets the mood' with this song, (the one that came up on my ipod.) It has been around since waaaaay back in the 1980's.  While we aren't all trilingual, and most of us reading here aren't Belgian, you should still take a moment to get to know Arno.  If you don't speak a lick of any other language, and want something completely for the anglophone set, why not give this quirky little number a go.  The pelvic thrusts just add to the charm of the song.

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