Sunday, May 16, 2010


1) - The alcove of doom can probably be coerced into being an ok place for chocolate-work.  I took it for a spin this week, and do you know what?  It was doable.  There are still a few adjustments to be made so that the quantity of profanities I utter there are lessened to a non-tourrettes level, however I am confident that it can work, maybe even well.  Pictures to follow.

2) - The more tired I become, the less I am able to be a well mannered social organism.  It was a busy week for us with several nights out.  I went into the weekend already feeling thoroughly tired and dehydrated thanks to several late nights, not enough sleep, and too much alcohol.  I noticed that social fumbles accumulated the more tired I became.  I started the week a little more the social butterfly, and finished it rather like an injured caterpillar morosely dragging itself along.  Not so good.

3) - I run 10k with great ease when I am so tired that my muscles aren't able to hold onto extra tension.  The easiest 10k I've run in awhile was SO not what I expected when I showed up the track this afternoon feeling more like I ought to be taking a nap.

4) - I have no natural talent for babyfoot / foosball.

What are your recent revelations?

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