Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I will be older. Gimme?

We interrupt this period of navel-gazing to present an illustrated list.  The following items may help to assuage the pains of ageing, and are thus proposed as ideal birthday gifts (for me.)

A KitchenAid 600 mixer.  575 Watts of mixing power.  Choice of colours, and the alcove of doom could really use one.  What's not to love?

*This* particular sorbetière has actually been on my list of wants foreeeeever.  The last place I saw one was in Strasbourg around New Years.  This is one of the only consumer-level ones, as far as I'm concerned that will do things the way I'd like, and that won't take up all the counterspace in the alcove of doom.  Eventually this will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.

A new kitchen.  This one would do fine.  No?  Oh.  ok...   *sigh*   Moving along then.

A Wacom tablet and pen.  Cuz I likez to draw, but hatez to scan.

The Samsung Diva Folder.  I don't really care about what it does, I just love the way it looks.  Irrationally want this shiny object.

I read that these actually do a better job of cleaning your teeth than the manual approach.  Better is good.  (I'd still have a manual on-hand too though, you know, to "keep it real" now and then.)

Shhh.  This mode of transport might be creeping back into my life.  I'm kind of terrified and elated about the idea.  Elated because this would mean more freedom in my day-to-day moving about, but terrified because living in Toronto will make anyone, even a confident road-cyclist, think that ALL MOTORISTS WANT CYCLISTS TO DIE.  But it seems not to be the case here, so I'm thinking about it.  Part of me is already cheering "wheeeee!"

I like smelling like this.  It is the only perfume I haven't tired of, in my life.  I find the scent pleasingly fitting for my personality, and the name pleasingly zen.  So I suppose I can say it is my scent.  Not too sweet, sliiightly floral, and crisp.  Like me.

I could go for one of these.  Like, every day of my LIFE.

Pretty much anything else on the list involves trying things on, or is a book involving italian merengues and culinary nerdery, so I'll spare you the catalogue of CSJ n' L + PGB (clothes, shoes, jewellery & lingerie + Pastry-geek books.)

And so that is that.


Anonymous said...

Re. the last picture on your wishlist: Liege is awfully close to Spa; why don't you pop down there for a day? (I hear good things about the place.)

Anonymous said...

I think your list and my list would be pretty similar. But a blender would probably do me fine.

It's the kitchen that is essential. Fabulous kitchens for all!

Jessica said...

Anon: Spa is very nice. I'm due to throw myself out of a plane there soon, so perhaps a massage too :)

spacetiger: YES.