Sunday, May 2, 2010


It is the weekend of May 1st.  Here in Belgium, this could lead you to die of boredom.  Let me help you with a few suggestions should you be mired in a funk of "there's nothing to do".

Brussels seems to be the luckiest, with a high number of activities taking place today.  There are several concerts including Rufus Wainwright at Bozar, A lovely soprano with piano pairing at the Art Base, An R&B-reggae style show at the Ancienne Belgique, A intimate pay what you can salon-style offering of classical violin and piano in the early afternoon at Jacob Norden's (call in advance if you want to guarantee yourself a place though, as the place fits about 35.)  As well, many of the museums are open along with the Atomium.  There will be "ouverture exeptionelles" today at some of the stores and shops about town, since many missed out on being open yesterday.  I'm not certain how the weather is there, but there seem to be happenings in many of Brussels parks today, including a marionette to-do, and a guided walk to check out the emerging blooms.  Here in Liège the weather is somewhat grey and wet, but things may be different there, and if you are ok with whatever weather you've got, I recommend going for a stroll to see what might be on offer at your local green-space.  At the very least it will have gotten you out of the house!

If you are elsewhere in Belgium and not aware of this site, I recommend you check it out, since it's regularly filled with things going on, and these 'things' can even be sorted by region.  I don't believe it's available in English, but if you have even rudimentary French skills, you should be able to take advantage of it.

Don't feel like leaving the house?  Ok.  Well, you could always pick up a book, try to do one of those pesky chores you haven't 'had time to get around to', make a go of a new dish in your kitchen, play a game with your children or friends, have a spontaneous "the weekend is killing me, let's drink" party, or go shopping online, (Haha!  Stores there are always open!)  If you are truly morose at this point in the weekend, may I suggest finding a park-bench and having a good sulk (take your ipod if you can,) followed up by some frites or a waffle, or somethig you consider a comforting indulgence.  Sometimes if you indulge a funk outside of the house, it passes.

As for me, the only reason I can speak of these things today is because Boyfriend declared extreme boredom this morning.  One who is very bad at creating or planning his own amusement; he claims he has been suffering from "not doing anything other than working".  I have told him repeatedly that he needs to be a little more proactive about this, finding ways to 'unplug' mentally through leisure.  It's not easy for him though... the man hardly reads, has no apparent hobbies, and seems at a loss for how to make his own fun when friends or I are unavailable.  Today I tried to assist by throwing out a bunch of possible to-do's, and now he has fallen asleep on the couch.  Hrm.

So, for now I'm going back to my 'quiet weekend' activity.  I finally got around to opening up a work of fiction I'd been meaning to read for some time.  I am picky about fiction, but this one has been a true pleasure, pulling me in right from the get-go and keeping me interested all the way along.  As a result, over the past few days since opening it, I have been nothing short of a glutton with my book, devouring it.  I expect that should my melancholic housemate rest in varying states of slumber and sulk, I will finish it today.

As well I have decided to try and assemble a list of "wants".  My birthday approaches and I always miserably unprepared when asked to give ideas to those wishing to gift me.  Not to mention, it may help me sort out my priorities a little (I do not neeeed that overpriced cellphone, but oooh how it is pretty and shiny and would match everything I wear, and oooh how that makes me waaant it.)  This year, I'll be ready.  Plus, as my friend Tea Party Crasher says, what isn't satisfying about a good list?

What do you do when you're bored?  Do tell, or if you know of anything going on today in Belgium, please do feel free to mention it - I'm sure there are a few people out there who may thank you!

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Alice said...

Great list! I'm also a fan of the Agenda for Brussels. Absolutely no way can anyone complain of being bored with the lists of things going on in Brussels
We just got back from a ride on the classic tram out to Tervuren, a stroll round the park, found out the Africa museum was having a party but couldn't muster the enthusiasm to queue for it. So we came home and ate some cake.
Good Day indeed :)