Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 odds and ends

1.) There is a truce of sorts.  Much thinking, some preliminary cooler-headed talking.  I am all for cool heads.

2.) Recently it was "Victoria Day" in Canada.  Quite by chance I stumbled across some information about this particular Queen that has given me sudden interest in her.  More on this in another post.

3.) I am older.  Gravity and survival instincts have allowed me to experience the wild merry go round trip around the sun 32 times now.  I kind of looked 32 on my birthday too.  And then the next day my face decided to pull 27.  I don't get it.

4.) I believe I've figured out what to do with all that whiney energy that's been coming here.  It's never really made me feel good to spread negativity, and in addition to that, I've been very un-zen about things in my own life lately, quite a bit in the past year or so actually, which I attribute partly to the whole 'figuring out how to be you in a new place' adjustment that happens with expat-ing yourself.  But I'm adjusting, and in thinking about things I believe I've found a much better outlet for my inner drama-queen.  So hopefully things will become a bit more positive and there'll be less griping in these here parts.

5.) There is a new ice cream place near us.  It's been open for about a month, and we've already been several times, working our way through the flavours after finding the creams and sorbets to be goooood.  The maker of les glaces is fairly young, and so I'm guessing this is his first shop.  He is very talented with fruit and flower flavours, but could use a little more intensity in some other flavours (though they are still quite good.)  Texture is bang-on, and thankfully it is not overly-sweet.  I am trying to work up the courage to talk shop with him a bit.  This may never happen.

6.) I have been working on some summery sweets of my own.  Mmmm.  Salivating just thinking about them!  Ah yes - I know I promised choco-pics awhile back, and they're coming, but I'm going to bundle them in with others I think.  There should be a serious food-porn post in June if all goes well, (meaning if I remember to photograph what I'm up to.  I am frequently bad at remembering to do this, but I will try!)

7.) I have a bike!  Well, it's not mine, but Belle-Mère never uses hers, and has lent it to me on a longish-term basis so I can figure out if I feel ok about biking here.  I've washed it, oiled the chain, and bought a lock.  After my experiences in Toronto (where motorists and cyclists are about as friendly with each other as Israel and Palestine are,) I'm trying to shake the residual survival instinct nerves and remind myself I used to bike regularly, on all kinds of roads with no trouble prior to T.O.  ...Just do it, right?

8.) I finished reading "Black like me" the other day.  I'd wanted to read it since seeing it on the parental bookshelf at age 7 or so.  But I sometimes take awhile to get down to things, so about 25 years later...  Though I found some parts of the book inconsistent or a little repetitive, it was a fairly quick read.  I do find much of what the book offers (I read a printing with a very good afterword by the author,) as far as insight into the systems of how dominant culture deals with minority cultures to be highly relevant, both in North America and Europe today.  We've come a long way in 50 years, but not as far as we might like to think.

9.) I found a self tanner that seems to do the trick for my legs.  Something by Dove, made for pale people, and it doubles as a moisturizer.  It's a good choice for me given that it's not too strong and works cumulatively, meaning it's easy not to end up streaky, and to either bump up or tone down the colour by applying more or less often.  The smell isn't bad, but it still has traces of the unappealing smell I've noticed in all fake tanners.

10.) I have been having some great art ideas lately, along with some audio notions. This has been wonderful, and a little frustrating given there is no space here for me to get down to working on these things in a 'finished product' sort of sense as far as quality goes.  I'm trying to figure out how to carve out some studio space for myself.


Jessica of Hey, Mons! said...

Omg I need that dove stuff. People are pointing and laughing at me. I have trucker tan lines on my arms and legs that are so pale you can practically see through them. It looks like I am wearing white tights. :(

Anonymous said...

I should look into that dove tanner too. I have lovely tan arms, but that's where it stops. The rest looks like death...

Anonymous said...

Dude, you should totally try to talk shop with the ice cream guy. What's the worst that could happen?

Jessica said...

I know I should talk to ice cream man, but at times I can be paiiiinfully horrid at opening my mouth to get the ball rolling. It's even worse in French.

All I have said to him so far is that "Truly, his ice cream is very good (at which point he blushed with humility and thanked me for saying so) and that we have tried a lot of ice creams" (at which point I blushed with embarassment because I sounded like an idiot.)