Thursday, April 8, 2010

We are the champions, (for now, at least.)

We TOTALLY "King Arthured" the Commune as hoped!
(Ok, yes, it's more immigration talk, zzzzz for some, helpful to others.  I promise to write about something sugary and fun, and totally un-governmental tomorrow.)

Round One finished early yesterday morning, with the keeper of the bridge of death calling Boyfriend to let him know that all was well, and that no further paperwork was in fact needed.  I am, in the eyes of Belgium, officially divorced.
Taking advantage of what seemed to be a fortuitous day for administrative matters, we ran to the Mairie de Quartier and made our legal declaration of cohabitation.  It's crazy how sometimes things can move at a crawl, and others they can zip right along.  Squeaky wheels we are I guess, and yesterday we got what we needed.  I must say I strongly applaud the governmental initiative of creating the Mairie de Quartier.  It functions like an express-line, really, for certain services the Commune performs, no appointment needed, and even open late!

Boyfriend thought champagne was called for, but I stated that the bubbly should be brought out when I have my carte-F with the permission to stick around and continue working after my current visa has expired, (it's not over 'till it's over, after all.)

In the end we celebrated this small victory with another fizzy friend as our dinner companion; Vinho Verde.  I have loved the stuff since we first tasted it while vacationing in Portugal a few years back. (Very lightly sparkling, crisp without being too dry, and lovely with seafood, or on a hot day.)

Presently we are preparing for Round Two, which should be tomorrow morning.  We will submit various proofs of our "stable, long-term relationship" and ask the Commune to apply the special annex that would allow me to continue working during the period of time our request is administered.  Today I attempt to assemble and organize these proofs chronologically.


Alison said...

Congrats on successfully winning this round at the commune! Always a cause for celebration with wine in my books!

EFRUTIK said...

Congrats, best on round two, I must taste that wine. Keep gifting it but not tasting myself.

Keep it up, you will win the drag!
And, I can't stand when ppl. insist on being right when they have no darn clue, grrrrrrrrr.

Jessica said...

Yes, winning at a Belgian commune is totally wine-worthy (I know you probably know all about this Alison!)

Efrutik - I know you're fighting your own immigration battles for the moment, keep your head up girl!

Thanks both for being cheerleaders :)

Viajera said...

Congrats! This process seems like the devil indeed. Immigration to Canada is a walk in the park compared to this.

Alice said...

I might need to give your blog details to a friend with a Candian boyfriend who have been immigration hell for a good 6 months!