Friday, April 23, 2010

Wandering mind, restless body.

Today feels more like the day to wear next to nothing and lie on a warm beach somewhere, doesn't it?  Or maybe a day to bask in great music and fantastic weather, eat, drink, and soak life in, inhale it deeply, dance provocatively with it.

I believe I have spring fever.

I'm checking out who's playing which days at Pukkelpop, at the AB, I even went further afield out of curiosity to see how the club-calendar is shaping up for Ibiza this year.  I clearly do not have studying on the brain.  More like sand, sangria, sunshine and sea-air kissing my skin, and fabulously fresh seafood.  Mmmmm.  Just close your eyes with me for a second and think of this.  Yes.

If I could only meet myself halfway for the day by magically transporting myself and my studies to a sunny beach, complete with umbrella, daiquiri, 28 degrees, and not too much wind.  Mmmmm.  I'd be in complete comfort, and I'm sure I'd be totally focussed.

But... for the time being (at least in body,) I'm here, on my couch.  The coffee-table makes a pathetic plea for me to look at my notes, and as it approaches noon I believe I may have sufficiently quelched my wander-lust for the day after spending a solid 5 hours indulging it completely.  It doesn't tire easily.

Today I am the caged tiger, pacing about my little space while remembering, almost tasting the grasslands.

And you?  If you could be anywhere today, where would you be?


Alice said...

just...the other side of the window. Like Alice through the looking glass :)

Anonymous said...

Get thee outside! The weather is gorgeous in Liege today. I passed through Le Carre on the way home and the patios are filled with folks having a drink and enjoying the sun.

Anonymous said...

on some Japanese mountain, having a picnic. :P