Monday, April 5, 2010

Updates and Mild Blasphemy

As it turns out, Boyfriend was not abducted by towel-stealing bandits (phew.)  He was just sucked into the vortex of work that sometimes occurs when things are installed for clients, and then they don't work right away just as they ought to.  I think this actually more stressful for Boyfriend when compared to his being abducted by bandits.

Do I have a mutualité yet?  No.

Did I garden?  I did take the pot where my chinese chives used to live, and water it.  Then I tried to turn the soil with a fork, and realized that in fact, my chinese chives had survived a winter of not being watered while sitting neglected on the windowsill.  Tough buggers.  So um, yes I gardened... I uh, conditioned the soil for my chives.

Boyfriend and I also engaged in some guerilla gardening.  If you see strangely placed or shaped patches of daisies in the neighbourhood, it's probably our fault.

Did I bake?  No, no.  I did eat almost a whole jar of Marshmallow fluff over the past week, however, and for some reason I feel this should be noted in the baking area.  It should possibly be classified as gluttony.  I'm sure the Wii will sort that out for me.  Some think that Marshmallow fluff is an abomination, but as a bit of a geek, I think the stuff is genius.

Trenchcoat: no dice.  Suppose I'll actually have to look for one this week.  How pedestrian.  Wouldn't it be great if you could really just tell people that your new coat fell from the sky, as if it were some sort of Easter present from the risen one?  I'd totally call it my Trinity-trench, or maybe my Jeezus-jacket?  I'm going to be hit by lightening today, aren't I?

Air Guitar Belgium!  While Braine-L'Alleud is possibly not the most populous place (and therefore did not bring out the most populous crowd,) I can safely say that it made for an entertaining evening.  After witnessing the spectacle, The Waffle and I are both pretty convinced we could KILL as a double-act next year.

The birthday party was attended, and the baby has been seen.  They were as one might expect.  I still have very little maternal urge, I note after our hospital-visit.  Don't get me wrong, kids are pretty cool, but I still feel nothing terribly gooey or gushy for babies.  They are mostly tiny, uninteresting aliens to me.

I have done zero homework-like things this weekend, though after work today, there is a nice long stretch of 4 days where I plan on conquering the universe in this respect.  If I'm not struck by lightening, for my mild blasphemy that is.  Ah well, He'll forgive me, right?  He's known really, for being a forgiving kind of guy.  He's got a huge PR scandal to worry about right now anyways, I'm sure he's too busy trying to smite those truly horrid, child-molesting priests to bother with me.

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