Friday, April 16, 2010

In which I emerge from my little hole.

*squinting in the daylight*

Oh, yes, it's been 5 days already, hasn't it, without a peep here.  Sorry.

What have I been doing?  Well... working and studying, mostly.
Yes... I've been having a period of exceptional focus, and I've been planted with butt on couch, studying my little arse off.  Having a deadline of May 1st seems to have helped immensely with my focus...

Cookies have helped too, I think.  Well, my brain... not my bum.  My local Delhaize finally got the Tintin tins of cookies I'd been hunting for weeks, and well... my studies have pretty much been fueled by cookies and caffeine.  And I have realized I have zero self control while studying.
Hurrah die cookies ist alle!  (stop glaring at me, Wii.)

In other news: Do you know what "Tuning" is here in Belgium?  It is the French word for when people modify their cars, trying to make them look all super-fast or pimped out.  I have a very bad photograph to show you, which may tell you a little something more about the particular area in which I live.
Why yes, that is a spoiler* on the top of that van, there in front of us.  It's a shame I couldn't capture the home-made racing stripes on the sides of the vehicle.  We were in hot pursuit, trying to get a reasonable photo, while dying laughing about the super-awesome modifications, because it goes so fast mec (man), that it might start to come off the ground!

*A spoiler is the 'tail flap' seen on F1 cars.  It's intended purpose is to prevent the car from being lifted off the road when travelling at very high speeds.

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