Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In a past life, I was a 3 toed sloth.

It is hallucinatory how quickly this day is passing me by.  Someone must have chucked a rag soaked with ether through one of the windows in the house, or something.  I believe myself to be moving at normal speed, but the clock tells me I may actually be moving in slow motion.

It would seem that my day thus far totals to 98% time-wasted, 2% doing what I'm supposed to.

Where has the time gone?  Let's see...

Fighting the internet.  For no reason, really, other than that I must have some masochistic tendencies.  We used up our allotted amount of gigs early this month, and now the internet simply craaawwlls.  Anything with lots of pictures means I might as well just make myself a cup of tea and then come back in a century.

chocolate chips
chocolate bread with semi-solid salted caramel atop
plain yogurt
chocolate bread with melted cheese and mustard (better than you think!)
semi-solid salted caramel.  With a spoon.
leftover dish involving bulgur, sausage, and vegetables

tea (2 cups and counting...)
coffee (3 cups and counting...)
water (3 sips and counting...)

Agonizing and hesitating:
about almost everything I've done today, and everything I haven't done, except the vegetables and water.

What's been slowing you down?

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EFRUTIK said...

To be honest in the past two weeks I have been slowing down as well as accelerating upwards too. Strange.

Bricks: my inhibitors has been food, fear, and too much worrying.

Driving force: my citizenship, appreciation for life, invaluable frienships, sense of humbleness for all the support and love I am recieving these days.

P.s. if I start listing the amount of food I am eating these days, it would get ugly in your comment box. Thus I spare you my baggage.