Saturday, April 3, 2010

The expanse lies before me...

Firstly, I would like to thank Blogger for not letting me publish this last night, when it was written, and for thinking that I'd understand error messages in Dutch.  Miraculously this morning, it's working, so I'm publishing it as-is.  Just put yourself in your yesterday night for a moment, and then read.

It's Friday *happy sigh*  I seem to have the house to myself for the moment, and so I'm using the time to map out a few plans for what has already shaped up to be a busy weekend.

This evening:  Mutualité hunting.  Hmph.  I find it terribly boring, but it has to be done.
Figure out if boyfriend has been kidnapped.  He is not yet home, and as his towel is missing too, I think it's either that he's gone to play squash (and neglected to inform me that he would not be home for dinner,) or that bandits used the towel to ambush him, covering his face with it so that he could not identify his attackers.  And as they hauled him out of the house, they politely locked the door behind them.  All I'm thinking is 'if they were polite enough to lock the door behind them, why couldn't they have also texted me or something to let me know not to bother with dinner?'  Well, whatever.  I'll give it a few hours before I consider calling the cops.  The bandits did lock the door, so they deserve a head-start, right?
Read more of this book.  I should actually be reading over other things, but I indulge my appetite for tales of neurological curiosities just before bed, when my mind is to bored/tired to deal with more immediate concerns.

Tomorrow:  I hope that the most perfectly gorgeous spring trench-coat will fall from the sky and into my arms at an amazing price, while various errands are run during the day.  More concrete plans include trying to find a place around here that caters to real runners.  Because honestly... in one year the lack of selection I've seen in these parts is kind of frightening.  I may contemplate gardening, but 'it' will probably not happen.  I may bake something, but this as well, is unlikely to happen.  I should probably read the non-neuro-geek stuff, and do homework-like things, but sadly this too, will probably not happen.  Merde.

Tomorrow night:  Air Guitar Belgium! (Braine L'Alleud edition.)  Though not all competitors are interesting or even good, what fascinates me is how much these people are so completely, as boyfriend says "in their trip."  Though I'll admit I'm personally hoping we get a gem like this guy (trust me and watch past the paper-cheetah um, amorousness,) or this lady.  This will be followed by a showing-of-face at the (2nd) birthday party for one of boyfriend's good friends whom I refer to as 'Boyfriend's other girlfriend', since he is actually a thin-skinned teenage girl hiding in a 30 year old metrosexual man's body.  After sufficient face-time has been logged, (meaning the birthday girl will not take insult,) we will go home to sleep.

Sunday:  Possible baby-visit.  I'm a pseudo-aunt, did you know?  Our planned visit on Thursday to the hospital was cancelled when the baby refused to latch-on and feed.  This caused the new mother terrible distress and panic, resulting in much crying into the phone to Boyfriend that we could not come that night.  Of course, I'm sure the nurses saying how small the thing is, and asking if the parents were sure they knew when the baby was conceived didn't help to put mom at ease any.

Hmm.  No Boyfriend yet.  My cellphone keeps ringing too, but I can't find the darned thing.  Maybe that's the bandits calling to ask for a ransom?  Suppose I should try a little harder and go find it.

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