Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DYING of BOREDOM (or, sometimes I am a 5 year old trapped in a 31 year old's body.)

I'm supposed to be studying and/or choosing a mutuelle but I'm doing neither.  I am having one of those rather unfocussed days, where I'd loooove to be distracted by something fun, and where I must make no effort whatsoever to find said distraction.  Not a good state of mind to be in when I'm supposed to be focussed, working on important things for myself that must. get. dooone.

Worse (or better,) yet, the internet is totally not cooperating.  There is nothing interesting in my immediate circles of the interwebs.  And I just haven't the energy to go hunting.  *whiiiiiine*

Maybe another coffee?  *goes and makes coffee*

*sigh*  I suppose it's time to use a little self control, and get myself in gear for at least a few hours. :(  *stomps foot*  I don't wanna study.



Al said...

Be brave that happens to me also sometimes, m advice dont think about it and have a good walk at the nearest park ;) Enjoy ...!

Anonymous said...

What mutuelle are you considering? I've heard good things about Euromut (sp?) from my expat colleagues. I went with the BF's mutuelle, the Vlaams Neutrale Ziekenfonds but that has caused me nothing but misery, lol. I think a good thing is that it's not associated with politics and its cheap ... I feel uncomfortable going for Partena or Christiane for obvious reasons, but Socialiste I guess is big and so has a lot of sway. Going on your partner's might be an idea because I got a huge discount by doing that...

Jessica said...

Euromut is in the top 3 along with Partena(sp?) and Solidaris.

Solidaris has a very strong presence here in my area, and I get the feeling they also have a lot of experience explaining things from square one to expats.

Euromut is Boyfriend's (and would give me a discount, it seems as a result of this.) Euromut also has an expat division that could be of use.

Partena, I'm still scrutinizing. They're probably out though because they seem relatively inaccessible in these here parts. What is their political/religious association anyways?