Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things I'll be hunting down in Toronto...

I'm on the ground, in Toronto, at sister's house and have squeezed all the little ones several times already.  As kids tend to be, they are fascinating, adorable and disgusting all at once, but above all, loveable little individuals.  The flight was fairly good and I'd certainly do the Belgium-Toronto trip with Air-France again.  Overall it was pretty painless, relatively comfortable and included decent food, drink, and entertainment.  Now, since I'm here there are a few things other than the necessary appointments and visits I'm hoping to handle.  Mainly I'll be satisfying a few materialist urges including the following things I've been hankering for...

Guess Jeans.  Because there is ONE Guess Jeans Store in Belgium and it's nowhere near us.  Here in TO, they cost less and still do the job of making my bum look fab.

Voltage adaptor.  My electronic devices will live again on European soil!

A java-chip frappuccino.  Because there is ONE Starbucks in all of Belgium, and it's nowhere near where we live.

Coffee Crisp.  I will in fact, probably come back with a case.  Or two.
(Or five.)

Socks.  What?  As I've seen so far, Toronto kills Belgium for sock-selection.  Who knew?

Off-road runners.  Hopefully these ones.

Tex Mex (specifically the Guacamole Exquisito from Sneaky Dee's.)
(Salivating insanely just thinking about it.)

Diet Dr. Pepper (not quite root-beer, not quite cola.  The soda of true champions.)

Multivitamins - enough to last me until my next trip to TO.

Maple cookies (for a faithful client of our hotel)

Hugs!  I'll be squishing family, friends, people I've missed!
(People soooo do not hug in Belgium.)

Oh yes, and not that I can hunt anyone or anything down to make this happen, but if the Euro could go up a few points, that would be nice too.
Because while I'm at it all, who doesn't like a little extra buying power?

And now the first round of visits begins, step-dad, real-dad & step-mom, assorted brothers, sisters and nephews to squish.  Off we go!


EFRUTIK said...

ENJOY all of it, get everything you want and need. Air hug :))))

Jennifer said...

Hey, are you a Torontonian as well? I'm actually from napanee but lived in Toronto for eons. I too miss all those things - especially Tex Mex!

Jessica said...

I am! Born in North York, raised in Brampton, and moved back to TO for University. :)