Thursday, March 4, 2010

Self Control, now downloadable!

I have done so very many things today.  Except one.  I have not studied.  I tell myself I will.  I need to make progress on this, and still I find myself doing EVERYTHING else.  It has all been productive in some manner or other, which is of course, not bad since I'm still moving forward doing things in my life that I need to get done and out of the way.  This does not change the fact, however, that I am procrastinating and rationalizing at the same time, avoiding my stack of papers, my assignment, my books.

I need Self Control.  Yes.  Self Control is now something that you can download, helping you to crack the whip a little on yourself if you, (like me,) are sometimes prone to internet distraction during times when you are really, actually TRYING to do something a little more important!

Basically, it allows you to blacklist certain sites that you find yourself wasting time on.  You set a timer (presumeably the amount of time you plan to work, undistracted, before taking an intentional study/work break,) and then you hit start.  I don't think there is a way to stop it once you've started, which in this case is probably key... but I'll comment further after I've given it a spin.  I'm hoping it will help me to be a little more focussed during my study-time.

So, for now while I go procrastinate a little more by doing some oh-so-necessary grocery shopping (I've convinced myself I'll be saving myself time from going tomorrow by going today instead,) I'll be downloading a little Self Control.  Hey look, it's even multitasking if I download while shopping, right?  Isn't it? *sigh*

At the very least, since my studies rely on internet access, (meaning I HAVE to be at my computer,) it will stop me from ahem, "accidentally" wandering off to facebook, email, blogs, and so on.  And, given that I've pretty much taken care of all other possible forms of 'productive procrastination' available in the house today, I suppose that means there will be nothing other than studying with this new tool assisting me, tomorrow.


Jessica of Hey, Mons! said...

OMG! I need that! I procrastinate WAY too much. I just spent like 2 hours looking at sketchy "work from home on the internet sites". I know. SAD and PATHETIC!

What are you using to study French? I can't remember if you ever mentioned it or not?

Jessica said...

I should start by saying that I did have French class in school for awhile, so it gave me a basic-base, but honestly what I learned in school is still easily learnable online, or in books or on audio files, and I lost a good part of it since I was out of touch with the Language for some time after I stopped taking it in school.

For me, I use a bunch of different things, including audio-files, internet stuff, books, and I try to make sure I read magazines or the newspaper now and then too. At first I was constantly looking up words, but it gets better as you go along. I can steer you toward some stuff that might help you, but first I'd recommend you doing a little test that will help you to know what level you're at too (there are standard levels in Europe for language proficiency.)

If you google something like "test your French" you'll get a bunch of sites telling you they can classify you. But it's important to do a few since normally their tests are kind of short, or possibly subject specific in the vocabulary.

Since there are similarities to Italian, even if you feel you don't have any French skills... you might be surprised to find you do have a base to work from, not to mention that a good portion (I'd say about a third) of the words in modern English actually come from French!

If you can give me that... I can definitely steer you to some more resources, but one that comes to mind off the top of my head is BBC. Their online site has several language lessons that start at the beginner level, and include pronunciation.

Jessica of Hey, Mons! said...

Yeah I definitely know zero French aside from the few phrases I've heard here and there and the similarities I've noticed between Italian and French. I mean I'm not walking around in the dark when it comes to language learning since I just did it with Italian. I know how to do it, if you know what I mean? I was just curious what materials you found more useful and which ones sucked. I have tons of books I downloaded, audio, the pimsleur stuff, itunes apps, a plethora of youtube videos, and some interactive courses like the rocket french and hugo french in 3 months. Have I used them yet, no not really. haha. But I need to start. I really liked the BBC site, I used that from Italian too. Basically everything I used in Italian has a French version so that's nice. But I'm so basic right now it's hard to get the ball rolling-Maybe I just need a class to start. So yeah, any brands of books or audio/video you think is especially good? Thanks for your reply! I really do appreciate it and it's inspiring me to study more (esp once school is over)...