Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jetlag can be fun. ish.

Almost over the jet-lag.  I think today will be the last of it.  However once you get past the stupid-staring state of being there is a funner, less-stupid and more energetic staring state of being.  For us this is hampered a little by the antibiotics, but body-clock resynching can still be fun.  Sort of.

For example: today breakfast for me started innocently enough as an espresso.  Followed by a banana with my second espresso, followed by a little leftover (and cold) ratatouille from dinner last night, and a good 20-30g of parmesan cheese to finish it all.  Mmmm.  Brinner.

Today we are better than yesterday.  This does not mean that we are going to be hiking the Ardennes, but it does mean that I can stand the thought of going out into a public place with other people and their germs, walking around a little and that I may even have the energy to try on clothing.  Maybe.  Or we may just buy something shiny.

Actually, there was a little talk this morning of going and blowing our "eco-wad".  This is to say that we would spend our eco-cheques (a financial 'bonus' of sorts that employees receive at the end of the year from the government that is essentially funny-money that can only be spent on items classified as ecological.)  We are thinking a bike might be fun, or perhaps stuff for our roof-garden (An army of cherry-tomato plants would be pleasing to us.)  In theory I like the bike-idea, as it could be practical or possibly even fun... but part of me says that everything about where we live is not cyclist-friendly, and that we would likely have several blown tires due to the curb-side debris I've taken note of here in the lovely Province de Liège.  And that drivers here scare me.  And that I could die.  We'll see.  Maybe just a cute lamp from Ikea?  We do hate getting out of bed to turn off the bedroom light.  I guess we'll wander around staring at things until we are tired.  That's a safe plan.


EFRUTIK said...

Alas you guys are feeling better, that is a good sign of a beginning. Enjoy the wondering around, I may also go into the city today and rub shoulders with germ infested folks, oh but a for a good cause. To enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival :)

Hope you get something nice.

Jessica said...

Cherry blossoms, how lovely! Hope it was fun!