Monday, March 22, 2010

Emergencies of all kinds

This morning we spent 2 hours in the emergency department of the Alliston hospital.  The other night boyfriend and I started feeling rather sore in the throat, and I had horrible body-aches all night.  We suffered through a day or two more, sadly having to cancel on a large number of plans because we both just felt like poo.  And last night it showed no signs of getting better, rather it was getting worse in a concerning way.  So, the hospital was the place for us to go this Sunday morning.

The doctor said we show half the signs of strep-throat, and wrote us prescriptions for amoxicillin.  I paid nothing because I am from here.  Boyfriend paid 550 dollars, since he is not covered by the Canadian health-care system.  He is hoping this is covered by the travel insurance thingums on the credit card he used to book our flight tickets.  I say this is an expensive gamble, though I hope he's right for his sake.  I will say that 3 doses of antibiotics in, I do feel marginally better, though that's maybe psychological.  As for the vacation as a whole, it's been lovely to see the people we have so far, but really it's been a pretty messy thing.  All kinds of plans to see people and handle paperwork are not going as we'd expected, so I'm really hoping these last few days work out.


Now here is an emergency of another kind, spotted on a patio earlier the same night we started to fall ill:
The photo was taken with a friend's phone, and I've enlarged it a little so you can see more clearly that this girls pants are like, totally in retreat.  We were on a patio, and it was 15 degrees celsius, but neither the temperature nor the breeze provided her a clue about what was going on down there, it seemed.  She was oblivious.  Oh and you can't see it well here, but her underwear was the perfect attention-getting shade of electric eggplant.  It was awesome.


EFRUTIK said...

Oh dear, get better and I do hope that the coming days are a source of smoother times than the start.

So her pants are like completely missing? How can she not feel that?

Jessica said...

Well, the pants were I think at quite a low-level, but still preventing direct bum-to-seat contact. I think she was either already too drunk to notice, or she just can't feel it, like those men who seem not to notice that they consistently show the world their 'plumber-bums'.