Monday, March 8, 2010

The cold light of day

The sun has decided to make a cameo-appearance in our corner of the world, but today it feels like it's only showed up to mock me.

I have yet to figure out a way to stay warm here.  This is problematic because I despise feeling cold, and with Belgium's humidity, I have found little relief.  It's the sort of chill that seeps through to the bones, stealing even the warmth of the soul.  

Feeling cold is misery to me.  When I am cold I have no motivation, other than that of building my fat-stores, followed directly by the desire to construct a duvet cocoon in which I can escape the chilly discomfort in sweet unconscious oblivion while waiting for warmer times.  There is a direct correlation between my temperament and the perceived temperature, and here this worries me considering that much of last summer was, in my opinion "not really warm at all."  (Meaning much of last summer I was also "not really warm at all.")

There must be a few secrets I haven't learned... Perhaps I should drink more tea?  The Brits seem to do a lot of that, and their weather is similarly damp...  Or maybe I should invest in a plethora of summery-looking shawls, hats and scarves?

Any of you damp-dwellers have tips?  I'm all ears.  What do you do to keep out the chill?  Please do gift me with the pearls of your wet-weather-wisdom.
In the meantime, I'll be here, hibernating.


EFRUTIK said...

Hi Jessica,

I haven't visited your corner in a while. Been sort of "busy" of sorts. I know how you feel about the weather, I completely hate the illusive warmth only to be visted by the chilly weather over and over again.

Since Saturday however we have had what seems to be promising weather, with a bit of consistency. I am pleased because to be honest I am ready to be just a sweat dog come this summer without much of complaining. I can't handle this depressing weather much longer. They said there will be rain though in a few days...oh well.

I would advise watching movies, they help me feel better for sure. I have netflix, also buying a nice outfit is a motivational thing as well. Something to look forward to, like wearing a nice shirt in a warmer weather is nice too (in the meantime wear it indoors a few times). Hang in there!

Alison said...

Ugh, I completely relate. Even though the actual temperature is warmer here in winter than it is back home in Canada the damp sends a chill right to my bones. A few things that I have found helpful are having a small plug-in heater beside my desk, very very thick socks and if all else fails immersing myself in a hot tub. I also have one of those natural daylight lamps to help deal with the constant winter darkness. The only consolation is that spring comes a lot sooner here than back home for me.

Jessica said...

Efrutik - absolutely right on the movies I think. And this is another thing I can do from under a blanket! :D I too, adore the heat. I hope we get some here this summer!

Alison - I have been considering a daylight lamp... what kind do you use and do you think it's worth it for the difference you've noticed it makes? Sadly, there is no tub here *sigh* however the space-heater-by-the-desk idea has all kinds of 'yes' bells going off in my head, particularly as I find myself chilled to annoyance/distraction most easily on days where I'm immobile, studying or working away on something there.

Anonymous said...

My advice - leave Belgium. I speak from experience when I say it's a horrible little country where common sense does not prevail in the slightest.