Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back, but not all here.

We are back in Belgium.  Showered, fed, and partially unpacked.  We are certainly jet-lagged, or at least I know I am, because I have already managed to launder my cellphone, and to break a teacup by forgetting to hold onto it.  The lights are on but not everyone is home just yet, so to speak.  Mild questions asked of me like "what would you like to do tonight?" produce only a vacant, cow-like stare in response.

I was going to try and go further, but that paragraph above really was an effort.  There were all kinds of twists and turns on our trip and with our plans, and in some areas we had success while others were mostly fail, but I haven't the mental fortitude to explain that just now.

I can say however, that I'm positive that bastard Wii Fit will be telling me I've gained several kilo over the past week when I step on it tomorrow morning.  I feel it's passive aggressive questions and smartass jibes coming.  I have no excuses.  I simply could not say no to the things I might not taste again for at least 6 months.  Aaand, with perfect timing, I've just discovered a bit of food on my shirt.  Lovely.  Let's hear it for the lack of awareness jetlag gifts me with.  I'm pretty sure it's a bit of filling from the maple leaf cookies my sister gave us.  In the process of eating ONE tonight (because remember, I'm feeling fat now,) I somehow managed to put half of it on my shirt without noticing.  YES.

Bedtime is soo now.


EFRUTIK said...

Welcome back, and good night. Get some rest and look that T-shirt can be washed, no biggie !!! :)

Charlie's Tribe said...

Hahaha... we also have the passive aggressive smartass jibing bastard version of the Wii Fit. The shop had run out of the sensitive versions which accept you for who you are, so we ended up with that evilbugger