Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who put their chewing gum in the writing part of my brain?

Nablopomo, you are the guest who is overstaying your welcome.

All the ideas I can think of go nowhere due to a lack of brainpower.  I'm sleep deprived, and dehydrated, and... dehydrated.  I can't think.  I can't write anything serious, or funny, or terribly coherent.

I can't wait until you are done, nablopomo.  I have learned (or rather had my suspicions confirmed,) that it is a waste of everyone's time for me to try and write when my brain feels all shriveled as it does now, all that comes out is crap.  Though it's true that there was also a banana one time.

God knows there are other things more important than you, Nablopomo, that I'm supposed to do daily, that I don't.  Like flossing.  Or drinking water.  Or eating vegetables.  These should be easy too, but sometimes they just don't happen.

I just realized I said I was dehydrated twice in a row.  See, no brain today.

What a great entry, and finished just a little before the day is done.  Haha nablopomo.  One can barely call this CONtent, but still it's an entry, so suck it.



ARUNA said...

Hey you have a nice blog!

Jessica said...

Thanks :)