Thursday, February 25, 2010

Under the wire

Ahah, here I am, eeking an entry out in the last hour of the day.
I almost went to bed, but then while I was brushing my teeth I set my eyes on my poor, often neglected spool of floss.

And then I made the connection and realized that it almost happened.  I almost lost out on my Nablopomo commitment to blog every day this month.  I would have been so pissed off tomorrow morning had that happened.  Not because it's a big deal, but because there are now all these, ahem, entries of splendidly high quality hanging around in my blog, as a result of trying to say something every day.

Today was FULL of productive tedium.  Much of it was a little less tedious though because it was centered around our trip to Toronto in a few weeks.  It seems I may have to try and haul myself out of bed at 2am to call my sister in the effort to hammer out some details.  Half asleep.  I wonder how (actually, if) that will work.  I wish she was a little more active in her internet use and skills.  Keeping in touch would certainly be easier that way.

Also, I vacuumed.  I should get a gold star for this.  I hate the vacuum as some of you know.  It gives me rage, and with good reason.  I washed the dishes, I made sure all was in place for tomorrow's dinner involving 12 hours of marination, however despite all of this, I did not floss.  And I won't.  Too tired.


EFRUTIK said...

Hhahahahaha first of all!! Second of all GOLD star for vacuuming. As for khmmmm the flossing issue, well I also think it is not an activity which I can consider my friend. Oh well.... Good night and good job for "keeping up" with your bloggin!

Jessica said...