Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something wicked this way comes

Many better, smarter and wittier blog-posts are simmering about in my cranial cavity, however after a day at work and a walk in a cemetery (what?  It's quiet there, and nobody bothers me while I'm thinking, and it's closer than the woods,) today, you just get this:

Leo chocolate bar (the original) by Milka

It is, as I suspected, better than the Leo GO.  The chocolate-to-stuff ratio is better, the texture is finer, and to me it all passes off as more refined.  The same elements in better harmony.  Not remarkable, but not bad.  I still can't really tell what the wafer-filling is supposed to taste like though.  Not praline, not chocolate either.  What is it then?  Kit-Kat lite.

Mmmm, you know what wafer-based delight I'm going to eat in Canada?

Mmm, Coffee Crisp.  I hope you are still as crispy and pleasantly coffee-y as I remember.

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