Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recent tedium, (now with less whining!*)


I flossed.  Ok, I know it was a day later than you or I figured, (actually I think we both knew it wouldn't happen the day I said I might actually do it,) but trust me when I tell you that it's still impressive it happened so soon, even if it did happen out of internet related guilt.  Hey, I do brush my teeth twice a day, ok?

I did laundry.  Always exciting.  Do you know that before coming to Belgium I was absolute crap at ironing/pressing clothes?  Now I'm terribly good, quick and efficient.  This comes of working in a hotel, where I must look all starched and pressed (which means I must press my clothes at home,) and where occasionally it befalls me to press the garments of clients.  (Oh the interesting garments I've seen!)

I browsed apartments and jobs in Brussels online.  I saw a nice apartment, in a nice area, at a nice price, and pointed it out to Boyfriend, who scrunched up his face and tried to say something which I believe was designed to make a move from here to there sound as though it would be as difficult logistically as a move to the moon.  I should add as well that in his thinking about this, we both somehow magically became unemployed prior to moving, which made it that much more impossible and risky.
*scratches head with puzzled expression*

I suffered a horrible caffeine withdrawal headache, and insomnia.  Because I had been all throw-uppy the night before, I tried to be very kind with my stomach yesterday.  Which meant one incredibly diluted latté in the morning.  By nightfall, while trying to sleep, I had a raging headache.  I believe I only slept about 4 hours last night. *growl*

Le sigh.  And that was yesterday.  *bows*

But you know what?  Today someone reminded me that it's less than 3 weeks until I'm off to Canada, and that made everything seem a little less tedious.  Perhaps you sense the silver lining on my cloudy kind-of-complaints?  Maybe?

Well, I'm trying.  *Thinking about things today at work I realized that my post-tags for "whining" must be beginning to outpace other, happier tags, like "chocolate", and that is just rather wet-blanket of me, isn't it?  And do you know what?  I am not a wet blanket.  I may be an unwilling drama-queen, but I draw the line at becoming a wet-blanket.  THAT is not me.  So, it's time to take action!  To kick my own arse into another gear!  To begin to dig my claws into this ground, to strategize, and to do better!  Even floss more often!

Because I absolutely can.

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