Friday, February 12, 2010

In which I navel-gaze, and clean the lint out a little. (But just a little.)

So, this whole someone coming across my blog as a result of google searching my name got me thinking.  I'm pissed off with google, since the only place my name appears is in my PERSONAL information used to create my google account.  That information is private, or is supposed to be.

If anyone knows what I might do about this, please let me know.  Google help is very unhelpful in this matter.  Either this or I totally flubbed and put my last name somewhere I shouldn't have.  ...I haven't actually mentioned my last name anywhere that you've noticed, have I?  EDIT: I don't think I have, I just checked.

While I can take responsibility for my own words, I realized as well that this is absolutely Karma's way of making me realize the discomfort boyfriend feels about having some of his personal matters 'exposed' on the interwebs.  Fortunately the visit from the search of my name was very brief and it appears that the person who inputted my name as a google search was looking for another Jessica *********.  But, I realized that if someone had been looking for me by name, and found this... well, it could be someone I worked with, and having been a manager of many, I didn't really like the idea of Joe Q employee having such an easy route-of-access to my gut-spilling.  People who don't know me and who are objective, or people I know and trust, that's cool, but the people in between, that's dicey.

I can deal with exposing myself, and even if someone I used to manage, or an ex, or even a current colleague did find this, ok... but they should at least have to dig a little harder than googling my first name and last to find it!  I realized that at the very least I needed to give boyfriend a little more anonymity and respect his privacy concerns a little more, because while it's my choice how much of myself I spill, I haven't been giving him much say in the matter.  Not to mention, he is making the effort to try and address my concerns a little more seriously.

So, while I'm all for brutal honesty and openness, I will be revising certain parts of my blog to give a little more respect to his concerns.  I mean, I'm fine walking around in translucent clothing myself, but realizing that I and my loved ones could be "naked-on-demand" to people I know/have known who, for whatever bizarre reason may be googling me, well, that was less enjoyable.  A bit chilling, actually.

But now dinner, and beer.  Lots of beer.  It's been a hella-strange day and because of that there is lots more to tell, but I will leave this for later.  Beer must dull the edge first.

Any tech-nerds or people with tech-nerd friends... know how I can make my blog NOT get hits as a result of a search using my first + last name?  I'd love to know.


Jessica of Hey, Mons! said...

Wow that's so weird! I have my own website registered in my name but even if you search it my blog doesn't come up. Can you change your registration to a fake last name? I do that on twitter.

Jessica said...

I've tried changing my last name in profile (which isn't public info anyways, but just in case.) So far, it hasn't made a difference, and I know the web crawlers have been by since too, so I'm guessing it's that the primary email address I use for the blog (not the one that is actually seen on the blog sidebar) is the problem, given it has my last name in it. : / I'd like to figure it out to see if that IS what's caused the issue, but after a quick search, I haven't figured it out how to change the primary email address just yet.

It still totally shouldn't happen though, and I'd be curious to know why it is *glares at google.*

Since the first search, there have been others of the same kind leading here too. It's weird more than anything to me. It certainly makes me question the overall security of google accounts, and makes me glad I don't really have a link to any crucial information associated with this account.

Jessica of Hey, Mons! said...

dang that is totally weird! I had a similar thing happen but I found out there was someone on a reality show with my same name so people were finding me by mistake (everywhere including facebook/twitter!). But I quickly changed all references to my name on the internet and my stuff stop coming up in searches. I know there is a lag when you make changes like that, but perhaps it is your email giving it away like you said. What if you open a new blogspot under a new account with a different name and email? then just imported the content from this blog?

Jessica said...

I think it's probably just hits for another Jessica, I know there are a few others with my name who are more likely to cause a google search, so I probably won't go that far seeing as how it's more of a curiosity than a true worry. Even if it was someone looking for me, though I'd find that a little annoying and mildly creepy, I suppose I can live with it.

The only thing that truly bothers me is that I was very careful NOT to put my last name anywhere, so as not to make it THAT easy to find me. I don't mind being found, but I am trying to get in touch with google about it, because I think it's a little shady when infomation that's supposed to be kept private may actually be resulting in the search hits (meaning it's being used, despite being private.)