Monday, February 22, 2010

Half-thoughts from the half-awake.

It's 5pm, and I'm still in bed.  I did get up to have breakfast, shower and wash my hair, and then again to eat lunch, but not really for anything else other than those bare necessities.

I am convinced I may actually floss later today however, out of guilt for my admission yesterday.

It's rainy, and windy in our little Liègeois corner of Belgium today, and so I feel no real need to get out and do anything.  Not to mention I have missed sleep to catch up on, what with the Faithless show and recent flare-ups of insomnia.  That, and my shoulder is nothing but pain today, so I'm not terribly inclined to activity, really, of any sort.

Faithless, by the way, was great.  Despite the god-awful djs we had to endure before Faithless came onstage, it was still worth the ticket-cost for the show they put on.  They did not play "Mass Destruction" (the song I linked to a few posts ago,) but it was still a good show.  After the show, we spent a good 10 minutes trying to push our car, along with the cars of other party-goers out of the mud.  We received 7cm of melting snow that night, and most of us had parked on ground that had been frozen, but that became rather swamp-like during the party thanks to the rising temperature and moisture from the snow.  It fell in giant feather-like flakes, as though the heavens were having a pillow-fight.  Boyfriend claimed he had never seen anything like it.


In one of my waking moments today I read that a German court has ruled that children in Berlin are now allowed to make noise.  Apparently, prior to this ruling there was some sort of issue with the noise children were making in schoolyards and such? (As in, they weren't allowed to do what I thought children quite naturally did while playing?)  Now, the German courts have protected their right to act like children by stating it is considered fundamentally important as a natural part of their development process.  What kind of crochety neighbour issues a noise-complaint because little kids are playing in a schoolyard, anyways?

Hm.  Brain-stall.  I believe this means it's time to put the laptop on the bedside table, and make like my spirit-animal of the day, shown here:
yes yes.

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