Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Nablopomo,

The horde and my sluggish internet connection has usurped any energy I had remaining.
I have tried to think of something brief yet worthwhile to post today.  Yet again I have parts of other 'complete' posts that I could offer (which I don't want to,) or something terribly hollow.

I don't have the time to upload pictures today, and it's time to sleep so I can go back and face the horde tomorrow.  I will need my energy tomorrow.  I will be waving goodbye to them.  I'm sure they'll eat extra, just to tide them over for the voyage home.  Bastards.

What to do when you are supposed to make an entry every day in a situation like this?
Me, I choose to present my excuse as dialogue, and leave it at that.

À demain,

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