Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blogging award & 7 beautiful things

Well will you look at that... I've been sent a blogging award by Efrutik!

I'm terribly bad at knowing what to say when people do something nice like this, so I'll just say I'm a little humbled and certainly grateful, and I guess that kind of goes along with the task that accompanies this gift, since the beautiful things in life are certainly things to be grateful for.  I must list 7 beautiful things around me (literally or figuratively speaking.)  So here goes:

7 beautiful things (according to Jessica.)

Being alive.  Anyone who doesn't think that the experience of being alive is a beautiful one needs to get off their couch and live a little harder!  There is a board-game called "Life" and while I think the game is terribly narrow-minded, I do think life is a little like a game, or an obstacle course that you 'play at' yourself.  Being alive is absolutely your own little project of trying to find what is amazing in your existence.  It's true that sometimes it's very difficult, and sometimes it's gut-wrenchingly sad, but the more effort you put into it, to grow, to hone your attention, and to see what's possible, the more it opens up worlds of possibility to you.  What a cool thing!

Honesty.  I don't know exactly how to explain this, but I'll say this: Honesty isn't always easy, but is entirely worth it.  Life becomes simpler when the matter isn't about what to say, but only how to say it tactfully.  Life is more enjoyable when you know that those around you are telling you what they really think, not what they think you want to hear.  When we are honest with each other and ourselves, we actually come to know each other and ourselves.  It is easier to trust, and to respect a person who is honest, even if sometimes they tell you something that isn't pleasant to hear.  Honesty, when delivered with tact, is a gift.

Kindness.  Of strangers and friends.  Kindness is the effort we don't need to make, but want to.  Kindness is something given that expects nothing returned.  I am always pleasantly surprised by the goodness in other people, and by who extends kindness to others, and in what situations.  Though technically one could say kindness is a donation, and therefore a loss, I think we all gain, rather than lose when we are more open to giving or accepting kindness.

Food (& drink.)  So many possibilities for expression; colours, textures, tastes.  A way that cultures capture and dialogue about what is beautiful and nourishing about the lands they are from or have passed through.  It is a sensory expression of history, culture, and geography.  This intimate message is sent from the person preparing, the the person eating, all without a word needing to be said between them.  Food is a language and an ever evolving dialogue.  It is an elaborate worldly pleasure that has been developed by people all over, and it has gone so far beyond the basic and primitive need of refueling, and that's pretty darn special.

The internet.  I think it's awesome how much is available to us thanks to the internet.  There is a wealth of information, varying viewpoints, discussion, and insights.  It connects people with other people and ideas, with education.  It gives substantial access to those who may otherwise have been in very limited situations.  What a beautiful new(ish) media we have to use.

Time.  Getting older is really a fascinating experience (though yeah, sometimes it's one that calls for pain killers!)  The fact that we DO have to make decisions IN the moment and then take responsibility for them/deal with the repercussions forever after.  We don't often get do-overs in life, which makes time a lovely tightrope to walk on.  Not to mention, I find it terribly cool how time is relative.  For a tree, your life is but a few breaths.  For a fruit-fly, your life is an eternity.

My kitty.

Isn't she adorable?  Here she is chilling in Toronto with her 'dad'.  She is the most beautifully tempered and well behaved animal I've had the pleasure to be around.  There isn't even a slightly mean bone in her body.  She is love, and loves love, and to top it off is terribly, luxuriously soft.  Like a bunny :) .  I've missed her very much this past year, and I can't wait to see her again!

Now, speaking of beautiful things, I'd like to recommend Tea Party Crasher.  She is all about beautiful things and I'm hoping she'll accept the award and list "7 beautiful things" according to her.


Tea Party Crasher said...

Aww, thanks Jessica! This one might take a few days to percolate but I'm honoured to accept it! I love your list. Do you know that this is the very first time I've ever seen your kitty? She is so adorable! You must miss her terribly.

EFRUTIK said...

Jessica I am very happy that you accepted the award and more importantly shared with us your 7 beautiful things. I loved reading all of it, as usual! Your kitty is definitely adorable but I'm guessing she also is getting it from her sweet mommy!

Well done and thank you so much for sharing with us once again, and sharing the award with your friend as well. Kindness goes a long way indeed :)