Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bibs and Bobs (and bears.)

I got nothing, er, not much.  But I'm taking a stab at nablopomo, so here goes:

Do you know what was my last thought before sleeping last night?

This guy.  Teddy Ruxpin.  A (kind of creepy) talking bear toy that popped up in the mid-late 80's.  Every time he'd "wake up" he'd say something like "come dream with me toniiiiight."

In fact he was probably designed to give yuppie parents a break from having to read stories to their kids.  You'd just pop a cassette in his back, press play and do up his vest again, and away his little eyes and mouth would go, as he came to life and told a story.  My little brother had one.  I never liked Teddy Ruxpin.  How many of these bears do you think future societies might find in landfill?
As for why Teddy made an appearance in my pre-sleep thoughts last night?

I have no idea.

During the night I dreamt that ... oh wait, crap, now it's fuzzy.  Wait, that wasn't meant to be like "bear fuzzy."  This isn't working out very well, this entry now, is it?  New subject?

Uhhh.  (It's 5:15am... my brain is slow.)  *sips coffee desperately willing brain to function*  Maybe later?  Anyways, I have to go and deal with the horde shortly.  Perhaps a day with them will inspire me...  If not I'll draw you a picture to make up for it.


Resistance is futile.


Jessica of Hey, Mons! said...

omg teddy ruxpin! I wanted one so bad but I had the sesame street version with all the characters: big bird, cookie monster and oscar the grouch. You could connect the wires so all 3 would read different parts of the story or you could just pick your favorite and have them read to you (cookie monster was mine, but you could barely understand anything he said)! So cool. I was such an 80's kid cliche.

週休 said...
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Jessica said...

Um, considering that it's the worst artical I've likely ever written, thanks.

And considering you may be spamming my blog by placing a link in your comment... can you explain what this link has to do with anything? It seems to be entirely non-english and uh, advertising like. I'm afraid I'm going to have to delete this comment if I don't know what the linking is about.