Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amsterdam: the good things.

Canals and houseboats.

Interesting architectural touches.


Mist obscured clock-towers.  Mist obscured everything, actually.

Canals lit up at night.

Bitterballen.  If only McDonalds had 'em here.

 Boyfriend deciding to bring his camera, resulting in some lovely black and whites...

Charmingly crooked buildings.

The chance to talk, to focus on what's important.


EFRUTIK said...

leuke fotos!

Hope you had fun, by the look of the last one it seems there is a lot of love in the air :)

Jessica said...

Always. The love itself, never goes away. That's what makes it so frustrating when things aren't going well, so wonderful when they are, and so bittersweet when they're somewhere in-between.

EFRUTIK said...

Indeed Jessica, I feel you on this one as well.

Check out my blog I have a surprise for you there!