Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday morning in Belgium

It's 8am, and we've stumbled across a show about a man who "strokes" male elephants and rhinos in order to assist with artificial insemination programs.  In just 7 minutes we've seen a man covered in elephant ejaculate, and a female elephant defecating on the man who was, erm, catheterizing her for insemination.  Action packed Saturday morning entertainment I tell you.  As the Belgian says: "C'est genial comme emissions!" (What a great show!)

Today we're off to Brussels to source a few things that seem to be impossible in Liege.  Like Guess jeans.  I'm not really a "Guess girl", however I have to say that their jeans make my bum look fabulous, and they validate my ego slightly by allowing me to believe that I fit into a size 26.  And since we're in the period of "The Soldes", they're on sale!

Now we are watching a man stroke Shamu, the killer whale.  Of this, the Belgian comments: "Putain, ça, c'est de la bite."  (F*^%, now that... that's a wang.)

I feel it's entirely inappropriate at this moment to tell you that we will also be heading into Alice Delices to pick up a few last needs.  They will be used for um, impregnating my truffles with ganache. : /

Now there is a woman scientist talking about cloning dinosaurs.  Like Jurassic Park.  But she's serious, and terribly enthusiastic about the idea.

Just another day in Belgium.

We may see about some art too.  We still haven't been to the new Magritte Museum, but more pressing for me is an exhibition of Frida Khalo works showing in Brussels just until mid-April.  We'll see how much we get around to.  Brussels lends itself very well to distraction, so how well we'll be able to stick to task is anyone's guess.

This evening we are off to Les Transardentes.  There will be loud music, dancing until morning, booze, and hopefully the having of much fun.  If I survive, there will be pictures tomorrow.  As for things bought during The Soldes, I'll give a rundown at the start of February, complete with pictures.  At that point you will be able to judge whether I lack good judgement or whether I absolutely scored.

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