Thursday, January 21, 2010

News and Tedium

The joys of winter in a new place.  I have a crack in the corner of my lip.  Very annoying.  The internet tells me this may be a symptom indicating that I am deficient in one of several possible nutrients, or that I may be dying.  I'm hoping it's the vitamin thing.  Maybe it's related to the lack of sunlight?


Boyfriend and I will be assaulting the Soldes this weekend.  We are drawing up our battle plans in order to function as a well coordinated unit.  This will be our day's warmup activity prior to attending the Transardentes, a big ol' electronic music party evening (yes, essentially a rave,) of bass in ya face.  Updates and pictures to come.


I made dinner last night with camera in tow.  Sadly, I don't really think the food was terribly good (though Boyfriend disagrees) so I don't think I'll be posting anything about it other than to say this much: my philosophy about this sort of thing is that IF it's a pain in the butt to make, or creates a ton of dirty dishes along the way... it better be fantasticly delicious, and terribly worth the trouble.  But this meal wasn't.  There were lots of dirty dishes, and several pain in the butt steps.  It was sooo not worth it.
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I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights.

I blame it on the horde.  The knowledge that I'll have to deal with them again slithers around in my mind like a snake in the shadows.  It feels like impending doom.

My anxiety might also have something to do with the 6pm coffee I had the past two nights, but I have to admit that on a primal level, the horde scares me.  Do they even taste their food or does it just bypass the tongue altogether on a direct route down the throat?  After wondering about the way they eat (because really it is both mystifying and frightening,) I marvel that there has not yet been a choking incident.  It is truly amazing how they inhale food.  I get tired just watching them eat.

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