Friday, January 29, 2010

My brain is sputtering along today (still sick)

How to be happy
when your brain isn't working:
write a few haiku.

It's only five tones
the next line having seven,
and then back to five.

Even a sick brain
that feels like it's in a vice
can squeak out that much.


Under my duvet
listening to the drizzle;
sick here in Belgium.

Eating horrid things
such as this Nougatti bar
won't make me better.

I am a machine.
The only thing I produce
is mountains of snot.

I'm bad at napping
but today I managed one.
It helped a little.

Now a cup of chai,
a dinner full of garlic...
Then I'll have stink-breath!

EDIT: (One last one because I found something out on the internets today...)

Herman Van Rompuy:
E.U. Council President,
writer of haiku.

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