Sunday, January 24, 2010

The morning after

Bear with me, I have a headache and am very slow in most respects today.  I'm recovering.

Brussels was a bust yesterday, as far as finding the things I'd hoped to.  It turns out the ONLY Guess Jeans store in all of Belgium is in Antwerp.  The Guess store in Brussels is actually a Guess Accessories store.  Had I been more observant in my internet doings from the start, I could have seen this on the Guess website.  It's just another reason to visit Antwerp I suppose.  Similar failures cropped up for us on the culinary tool hunt, and there were no art-visitations either.  Basically our plans flaked apart, and we left Brussels a little décu (disappointed.)  All big cities have their days where they just try to mess with you a little, and yesterday was ours.

As for photos... I have failed.  I am suffering broken promise guilt.  But!  I can provide a visual aid for this next story!  Ready?

What does this picture remind me of?

(Note: I don't know who this is, I just typed in "16 year old boy" and found this on Google images.)

Why, it looks positively like the 17 year old BOY who decided to make a very persistent play for me last night in the crowd at Transardentes.  Yeah.  He wouldn't quit either!  Despite my telling him I had a boyfriend and that it was IMPOSSIBLE since I'm 31, not to mention my LAUGHING at his attempts, he was all trying to grind up on me and touch me while I was dancing, asking me to look at him, or to kiss him.  Me, I was up front watching the djs, so I didn't really want to give up my place simply because of this annoyance.  With a man, I would simply have made a few targeted comments designed to destroy any shred of sexual self-esteem he might ever have had, but the worst part is some part of me just felt really like it would be wrong to crush the ego of what was clearly a misguided child.  Of course, the ideas for mean questions/comments still did come to mind, but I kept my claws in and dealt with the situation with what was more like ... parental gentility.  Bizarre.

I think that's all I've got for today.  My brain has stalled yet again in it's vodka-and-redbull ravaged state, and I need to find food and hydration.

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