Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am sick.  It is miserable.  Though I can breathe my sinuses are heavy with a viral party, which are trying to make their way into my throat and lungs.  Viruses are assholes.

I sneeze occasionally.  I have nothing important to say but I feel like I should post, (I'm contemplating giving NaBloPoMo a shot in the future) so here goes nothing (really, it's nothing.)  Wallow with me a little, will you?

I almost made chocolates today.  Then I realized I still haven't found a needed tool here, so I didn't.  I thought momentarily about using my uninterrupted time to make macarons, but then realized our electric mixer is shit, and whipping the eggwhites in the process of making macarons will kill the motor, resulting in me not being able to make anything, at all.  DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG ITS BEEN SINCE I'VE MADE A PROPER TRUFFLE?  Much too long.  I have assembled almost all the tools needed now, and still this country mocks me by holding back just one or two needed things.  I think it's safe to say there will be no truffles for Valentine's day, nor will there be macarons.  That is a sad thing.

I can't wait to be in Toronto again.  This is a place where a diverse range of pastry tools of high quality are easily found, and fairly reasonably priced.  I miss dealing with my business there.  I miss being able to experiment and create new things in my kitchen there.  This kitchen here is more like an... alcove of doom.  Cooking is not a joy here, it is truly a struggle.  A struggle against a tiny space with awful layout, mostly crap equipment, and a severe lack of countertop.  It is so sad.  Boyfriend doesn't seem to understand this sorrow fully, except to notice that I don't seem to take the same pleasure in making food that I once did.  Why would I?  I had originally hoped that even if I couldn't do business here during this first year, that I'd at least have the chance to expand my skills by whipping up new kinds of awesome on my own time at home.  Haha.  How naiive I was.  We didn't even have a proper oven when I got here.  Now we have a semi-functioning one.  It lives in the garage.  Do you see what kind of situation I'm talking about now?  It is terribly demotivating.  I try to avoid thinking about it too much since it just makes me frustrated, and a little sad.

Fortunately, I will be in Toronto soon.  We have plane tickets!  I am so excited.  I wish I could spend a month there, or more, but no.  I don't get that much vacation time this year, so I'm trying to organize myself for the blitz of appointments I'll need to make with my doctor, accountant, the passport office, and so on.  In between those administrative doings while we're there I'll be trying to greedily inhale the essence of all my friends and family.  I miss them dearly.

But even my attempt at organization isn't working because the viral party in my sinuses has made my brain feel like it's being squeezed to the point where most thinking capacites have stalled.  Assholes!  Get out of my body!

I'm going to nap.  You've read enough of my sickly whining anyhow, no?
Chicken soup or other sick-person recipes, folk remedies, or immunity talismans are welcome.

P.S - I told you it was nothing.
P.P.S - I'm sorry.

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