Monday, January 11, 2010

Backlogs and progress : going Gaga

I have new respect for Lady Gaga.  Again.  Here's why:  She can actually sing, play an instrument, and perform.  Videos to watch that prove it:

Gaga Live on "Taratata", (a French show.)  Here she sings "Poker Face" (I recommend clicking on the video labelled "Poker Face" first,) as well as "Eh Eh" (both a cappella,) all while improvising, speaking a bit of French and playing the piano.

Gaga live on "Rove" (an Australian show.)  Here she sings "Just Dance", and unlike most stars... the audio mix is about 20% backing track, and 80% live.  This is relatively unheard of in the lip-synching age of Britney, and completely respectable particularly considering she's DANCING pretty much the whole time she's singing.  Singing with an audio mix that is heavily live like this is not a risk most performers take when promoting their first album, because it's not easy to dance like that and sing simultaneously.  Props.

Gaga on "The Ellen Degeneres Show"  (an American show.)  Here she performs combining the a cappella-with-piano style and a closer-to-album-version of "Poker Face".  Again, very live.

The girl can sing, the girl can play, the girl can dance.  She is a credited song writer (not just for herself either), is willing to be unconventional and takes risks with how she presents herself.  She is not another pop-star under the control of her handlers.  She seems much more like a true artist to me than just about any other female pop singer out there.  I have to admit I like that, very much.  I'm still not a 'fan'... but I do like that she seems to be the one steering the ship.  I can respect that.

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