Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Long lost siblings

The Cha-Cha.  Wafers with caramel between, enrobed in chocolate.  It's not bad, really.  I believe that I would have enjoyed it thoroughly were I not already aware of the existence of it's smarter, cooler older sister...

Image from www.westindianshop.com

Tunnock's Caramel wafer biscuits.  Eating the Cha-Cha caused me to think "It's like a Tunnock's, but not quite as "on" about texture.  You see, Tunnock's have a little more chew in the caramel, a slightly denser wafer, and again, like the Cha-Cha, it's enrobed in chocolate.  In comparison the Cha-Cha just seems a little flimsy, both taste and texture-wise.

My first Tunnock's came to me via Trinidad, when a friend brought some back for me.  I'd thought for quite some time that they were a Trini-chocolate bar, however I've since learned (after taking time to read the label rather than just greedily inhaling the goods) that Tunnock's is a Scottish company.  This only adds fuel to the fire for me with my suspicions that people in the UK simply have a much better idea of what is involved in making a good consumer level chocolate-treat.

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Kanadisches Madchen said...

You are absolutely correct that UK folks have the real goods when it comes to choccies and treaties.

I returned from London recently and to be honest what took up the most space in the extra suitcase I had to buy was chocolate and chocolate biccies from the UK.

Ahhh, Vancouver is just too far away from my precious Galaxy and Cadbury's!