Sunday, December 13, 2009

Grey = S.A.D

Winter in Belgium is dusk, followed by night.  Dusk, all day, every day.

I haven't seen the sky for days, no, weeks.  I've seen a thick cover of clouds that prevents the light of the sun from getting through, making it feel like the sun is about to set from the instant I've gotten up in the morning through to the time it actually does.

This makes me feel grey, grey, grey.  I hadn't really counted on the lack of sunlight being a problem, but even in Canada where we get a different quality of light in the winter lack of sunlight was a bit of a problem for me.  There, this was more easily remedied by going out for a walk, where the abundance of clear blue sky coupled with the sunlight bouncing off the snow gave me enough vitamin D to feel better.  Here a walk in the winter often involves an umbrella to keep the wet away, not to mention that bone-chilling kind of cold, the kind no amount of layering or special technical fabric seems to protect me from: humid cold.  Between the umbrella and the clouds I don't get much sunlight, and the cold does nothing to make me feel better.  This makes the idea of a walk so very appealing, and as you might imagine I'm not getting out much.

We have a skylight in the kitchen.  I've tried spending more time under it with the hope of soaking in a little more 'natural light', but as yet this has made no difference.  After weeks of grey I have come to feel as though I am dragging myself through finishing off my Christmas cards, I have lost all desire to pursue the architectural gingerbread house, I haven't bothered with social outings, and the making of plans for a trip around new year's has come to a grinding halt.  Even this blog entry felt forced, but you know... it's been more than 10 days, I should at least signal that I'm alive I suppose.

It is official, I am seasonally affected.


Kristin said...

Yikes. I'm coming to Belgium in less than a week but aftr reading this, I'm having second thought :D

Jessica said...

You're in luck so long as you've warm clothes. The forecasts are calling for clearer skies but colder weather in the upcoming week! :D