Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Detours and diversions

Ok, a little bit more of a real post for the day, rather than just diverting you with comics (but really, check out the link in the entry below.)  I stumbled across him this morning in my "what's going on in the world" internet session, and immediately devoured like, everything on his site.  His style reminds me somewhat of Natalie Dee's.  If you don't know who Natalie Dee is, take a small detour and click here now to know.  Or (but I would recommend it as an "and") you could click the following link to see another regularly funny comic she creates (in an entirely different style,) with her partner Drew.  That one goes by the name "Married to the Sea".  And now, for REAL this time: I'm done geeking out about comics... for today.


I ate this:
Though the claim is that it's a praline filling (here this means a creamy nut-based paste,) that uses hazlenuts, cashews and almonds, really it just tastes blander than the regular praline filled chocolates (which are in a ridiculous abundance in Belgium, seriously, the country is obSESSED with praline.)  It's less hazlenutty, (hazlenuts are kind of your 'standard' praline material) and slightly salty.  It definitely didn't taste doubly-milky as the name might lead you to believe.  This, and it's choc-full (no pun intended) of hydrogenated vegetable fat.  Someday my dream-bar with come.  Until then, le sigh.


The visit to Canada (at least for January,) looks like a less and less likely affair.  Time ticks on, we try to navigate the administrative channels here, and we are slowly getting the information we need to make an intelligent decision about whether or not to throw several hundred Euro at a plane ticket.  Meanwhile as we await the information we require, the number of seats on the flights I had my eyes on dwindles.  This is one of those situations where I wish I were a little more moneyed than I am, because if I were I could (and would) just pop by and visit friends and family every few months.  But no, at least not yet.  (Growing a rich and powerful empire takes time, ok?)

Now, after having said all of this, how sick is it that my schedule at work gives me 7 days off in a ROW ending on December 23rd?  I felt a bit like my calendar here was taunting me when I noticed that.  Of course flying to Canada for that period is completely out of the question given it's like a zillion more Euros than normal, so I'm thinking I have to at least find a good use for this period of time.  Something to divert my attention from (and make me feel less sucky about) missing out on spending the holiday season with friends and family.  I'll be brainstorming on this while I attempt to make headway with some Christmas cards today.
What to do, what to do... any suggestions?


Kristin said...

I've been doing a lot of research on Belgium for my upcoming trip and besides Brussels, Bruges, Ghent and maybe Antwerp seem really great. But it seems like there are a million little towns in Belgium and in Europe to explore on a 7-day off work vacation :D

Jessica said...

It's true, there are a million little villages and towns here, some are hidden gems; incredibly picturesque and interesting, and others...well, not so much so.

If you want any advice for your trip, feel free to let me know what kind of ambiance/activities you're looking for & I might be able to help you narrow your choices!