Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deck the halls with Plantaardig vet!

Tra-la-la-la laaaa la-laaaoooooh... no.
The Caramac is a (sad little) "Karamel Candybar", according to the back of the package.
First three ingredients: Vegetable Fat (Plantaardig vet), Sugar, Lactose.  Mmmmmm.

Ok so to break it down quickly for you while trying NOT to make myself sick: granular texture, very sweet.  In fact I don't need to go further.  I can just tell you that you would actually be better off taking 11 grams of butter, creaming it with 17 grams of brown sugar and 2 grams of molasses, placing this in a cool area in order for it to solidify, and then eating said mixture.  Yes, I'm serious.  It would be better if you did that.  Really.  Much better.  No, I have never done such a thing.  Yes, I'm still sure it would be better.

The packaging is in German and Dutch, which means (thankfully) that there isn't much of a market for these fail-bars here.  I made this "find" last night while doing a little Christmas shopping.  At the time I was in Hema; a store of Dutch origin.  Those Dutch... wacky people sometimes...  Did I mention they have "herring stands"?  (Think of something like a hot-dog stand, and then replace the dogs with raw fish.)  Again: "Mmmmm."

Oh well, at least the Dutch can claim the work of Dick Bruna as something that's pretty universally likeable and inoffensive.  Anyway, it's not like they make this bar, they just eat it.  It's the lovely folks at Nestle UK (?gasp!) who prey on their questionable tastes by making this.  *shakes head sadly*

Last thing: The German on the label: Seriously - what self-respecting German is eating this crap when there is an ABUNdance of great chocolate in Germany?  Really, this confuses me.  If anyone out there actually enjoys these, I want to know why.  And then I want to have a doctor verify that your mouth and tastebuds are functioning correctly.  Seriously, if you enjoy Caramac, I want to know why (and how.)


Jessica of Hey, Mons! said...

Hey I just found your blog recently and I love it! I love eating candy too and am enjoying your reviews :) I moved to Italy for love a few years ago but we just found out recently we are moving to Belgium! Just wanted to stop and say hello!

Jessica said...

The more the merrier, welcome aboard! :)