Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Architecture, aviation and the avian abattoir

Ok, so dreaming in gingerbread:  I've got the itch to make a gingerbread house.  Ideally not just any old house too, one that is a little more original, (architecturally speaking,) than four walls and a triangular roof.  I've been mulling it over for a bit now, and I think today I'll start sketching out some ideas.  There is a problem though:  I can't seem to find molasses anywhere here!  I've been in touch with the anglo-expat community in Brussels, and there is a grocery store there that carries it, but I was hoping for something a little closer to home. : /  I may just end up having to find a reason to go into Brussels in the next couple of weeks.  Maybe to finally check out the new Magritte museum?  If worst came to worst,  I think something along the lines of a  sugar cookie might have the structural integrity to work as house-material too.  We'll see.  Mmm, cookie house.

Anyhoo, the plane tickets:  I had hoped to get myself back to Toronto for a week in January.  My boss said I could have 7 days.  However with the way travel schedules work, 7 days actually amounts to about 4.5 days on the ground in Toronto, which is not a lot of time to see people and handle administrative things there.  So, before deciding we are looking into what administrative things can be handled here instead of there (it seems a fair number of things can be handled at the Canadian embassy here,) and examining our costs and concerns for the upcoming year (like...what to do about my health insurance which expires at the end of March, even though my resident permit expires halfway through May?)  I just don't have enough info at the moment to make a decision I might not be kicking myself for later.  Meanwhile, I would absolutely LOVE to see my friends and family this wintery time of year.

Now, my poor chicken:  yesterday I bought a soup-chicken.  And this morning after breakfast, I went at the bird with a meat cleaver, getting it ready to fulfill its destiny of glorious soupdom.  I did consider for a moment before-hand that it might be nice to take pictures and explain my method of making chicken soup from scratch, however... well, butchering a chicken ain't pretty, and it sure doesn't leave you with hands that want to touch your digital camera.  Not only that, but today I'm glad no photographic evidence exists of my lame butchery skills, since in the process I discovered that our meat cleaver here is a joke.  I may as well have been trying to separate chicken-parts with a hammer, it's sooo blunt.  At any rate, if the soup turns out well, and if I can hone our knife blades in the near future, perhaps I'll photo it up next time.  I don't know though... I love food, but do the people who read this really want another person posting on how they cook via the interwebz?  It's not that this blog would ever turn into anything other than it's original intention (which was to communicate my experiences after leaving home and becoming a foreigner elsewhere,) but I suppose if cooking, baking or candy-making is something people take interest in, why not show what I'm up to in the kitchen now and then?  I'm pondering this one, since part of me thinks it's self-indulgent and part of me enjoys reading other people's food thingums now and then.

Food is definitely a significant area of my life, given that it is both a love and a matter of business for me.  Would the occasional kitchen post be a waste of time & space, or nice additional dimension to the blog?  What do you think?

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Jessica of Hey, Mons! said...

I think it'd be nice to see a cooking post now and again...I have zero kitchen skills but am eager to learn!