Monday, November 16, 2009

Well whaddya know?

I finally figured how to get my blog to allow comments.
It only took me... 8 months of fighting with my formats after accidentally setting something the wrong way to begin with.  yeesh.

In other news, today I finally stumbled across this video.  Having attended a well respected University of the Arts, all I can say is though I still don't really like Lady Gaga all that much, I do love this video.  It's unhealthily awesome, and though the song compliments the video, the video is 10 times more awesome than the song.  All the little details in it (hello 3:01-3:02 albino bat headpiece) make me want to watch it in slow motion, or even better yet with stopped frames.  And the almost lobster-claw Alexander McQueen heels that she's wearing (which one fashion magazine in Canada complained nobody could walk in) while singing "walk walk fashion baby"are fabulous.  This is an aesthetic cornucopia.  The digital editing on her body when she's in the cage-like structure (Shades of Chris Cunningham's creature in the Aphex Twin video "come to Daddy",) very cool.  The white PVC costume with the built in ribs and spine for that extra-creepy emaciated look ... hello!  As an aside, I love her nails in the opening sequence, where I also love the "slightly more whacked" Anna Wintour hair/shades combo.  And the glasses!  The lenses are made of razor and Xacto knife blades!  Can I die now?  Here is a video really working very hard at selling a song.  That along with Alexander McQueen fashion, and Nemiroff vodka (mind you I personally think this product placement stands out as a little gaudy,) and Parrot audio gear, Carrerra shades and, well, I guess we know where the all the money for the video came from now, don't we?

Video: "Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga

Now.  Just remember after all I've said that this is about the video.  I still don't like Lady Gaga.  Never have.  I'll be offended if you think I do.


Kristin said...

I was wondering why I could never leave a comment here :D

Jessica said...

Now you can :)