Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Recent additions

To my hips!  I stumbled across another stash of chocolate bars one day, and well, lets just say they didn't last too long.  First up: Kinder's Happy Hippo.  This also comes in White chocolate only versions if I understand correctly, but here I tried the one that has half chocolate cream and half white cream inside.  It absolutely wins on the novelty front, with the adorable shape and the idea of wafer on the outside and chocolate on the inside.  Also, very tasty!  Better than all the other Kinder products I've been exposed to in fact.  There's a rich taste to the chocolate filling that is sweet, but not sugar coma sweet.  And it's creamy.  Mmm.  If you see one, get it.  Eating enjoyment!

You could just eat him up, what with those adorable "please don't eat me" eyes and all, no?  Well, I could at least.

Balisto Korn-Mix: 2nd best of the Balistos I've had so far.  Although it's not too sweet, and while the corn taste is noticable without being annoying, I have to say that when it comes down to it, this bar is boring, meh.

Notice how this one says "à la tiramisu?"  Liars!  This is what happens when a marshmallow meets a snack cake in an amaretto-coffee confused haze, and then a bastard child is born.  Tragically bad.  The texture was ... gummy, and the taste was decidedly cake-like but not at all tiramisu-like.  This one is now at the very bottom of my list.

Another variety of Balisto.  I think that they try to market themselves as healthy simply because they don't taste very good, because god knows they don't actually have any fibre, or less calories than the other real chocolate bars kicking around in Belgium.  This one was very, VERY sweet.  There was no real taste of yogurt or berries, and no textural difference from the others.  I had hoped for little currant-like fruit-bits as were in the Meusli-mix Balisto, but *sigh*, no.  Hopefully I've eaten all the kinds of Balisto in existence now, because I have to say the disappointments with them... it's getting monotonous.

Now to go for a niiiice looong walk.

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