Monday, October 26, 2009

Though I cannot physically juggle, It seems I am a juggler.

I ate this on the way to Paris, and forgot to include it in the last entry, but anyways.  It's too sweet, and the almond taste gets a little lost in that.  Perhaps this one was a little old, but it tasted kind of 'dusty'.

This weekend I worked, and partied, and worked.  Saturday morning I was at work for 7am, where essentially I run around for 8 hours, or juggle I guess.  There are a bunch of things that have to be done every day, and then there are the things that come up along the way that you have to handle as well.  Sometimes these things that come up can really mess with your ability to get all the regular things done in the amount of time you have.  This is why I say I run, because I think it's always better to take less time than to take more.  I don't actually RUN there though... that would be unsafe!  But it's safe to say I'm one of the fastest walkers you'll ever meet.

So, Saturday am was work.  I came home, showered and began to get ready.  We had a wedding reception to attend on Saturday night in Malmedy, which is about an hour away from here by car.  While getting ready we had dinner and took an apero (drink), after which we finished making ourselves pretty (we both looked smashing and I hope to have a photo come my way to show you...stupid camera batteries always trying to sabotage me!) and left.

The reception got pretty wild pretty quick, with lots of booze and dancing.  We arrived back home at 6:30am... just in time for me to go to work again!  No, thankfully since it was the evening the clocks go back here, it was actually 5:30, so I managed to squeeze in 45 minutes of sleep before waking, showering and heading into work.  I have to say that for this I am a champion... only my feet were really the wiser that I was tired I think, but then dancing for 7 hours in heels will do that to you.  At least I hope nobody was really the wiser... I had a dream last night that my boss told me he wasn't going to re-sign my contract since he wasn't sure how long I could stay in Belgium.

In the real world (not dreamland) it seems as though my contract will be re-signed.  I don't have the official word yet, but some of the signs are there... enough to make me think it's likely.  The dream I had does reflect a concern I'm dealing with though, which is about leaving.  My visa has no expiry date, and my permis de séjour (my identity card) expires in May.  So, firstly we aren't sure if I have to leave at the end of March (one year from my entry into Belgium,) or if I'd have to leave by 14th of May (end of my permis.)  This is a need to know for when my contract comes up in discussion, because a 6 month contract may be proposed, and depending on which date is my required 'leave date' I may have to say I can only sign a 3 month contract instead (not a good move to make if a 6 month contract is offered.)

We'd like to request a visa based on cohabitation for me.  In this way I could stay and work here, and we'd have the assurance that we'd never have to say goodbye again to each other unless it was by choice, rather than by circumstance as it's been up to this point.  Unfortunately to be able to request this, my divorce has to be finalized, giving me the required proof that I'm not married, and I'm not sure that this will be done in time.  Sadly, at a distance I'm not able to be much help to my spouse (who is still, my amazing friend as well,) in Toronto.  He's working, studying, trying to see his girlfriend (who lives in the US) and trying to move things along with the divorce too.

I guess a little anxiety hangs around me for the moment simply because there is so much stuff that's out of my hands, but that will determine the events of my life over the next while.  Will I have a job after Nov 18th?  Will I be able to stay in Belgium past the end of March?  Past the 14th May?  I don't know if or when I'll have to leave, and that makes it a little more challenging, if not downright difficult.  I can deal with instability, but I think in this case I'd prefer to know a little more than I do right now.  Planning anything is a little bit of impossible with so many elements up in the air.

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