Monday, September 7, 2009

Time out in Tournai

So it's another day of war between the desire to study and the tendency to procrastinate. This entry won't be long because it's really the last thing I thought of doing before buckling down to a solid several hours of actually STUDYING. I have to anyways, because tomorrow I'm grabbing a train to Tournai, where the wi-fi in the hotel costs 2 Euro per hour, isn't high-speed, and only works half the time. Boyfriend is there teaching for a few days, and so it's a win-win since I have the next few days off work and he's stuck there, and since neither of us has really bothered to do any 'touristing' in Tournai.

Very important news: Belgium does have "candy bars"! Boyfriend and I got into talking about this the other night when I was craving one of the heartier ones, an EatMore maybe? Anyways, after talking with him about what the difference is between a "candy bar" and a "chocolate bar" I found out there are a few "candy bars" here (these have things in 'em, like peanuts, nougat, caramel, toffee... you know... the chocolate content is actually low in relation to the other stuff in the bar,) and I'm determined now to find them all and try them.

The day after this talk we were on our way to an 11:30 brunch and were stopped at the gas station for a re-fuel, when I decided to use the time to pop inside and get my bus-cards for the month. Coming back outside I triumphantly showed Boyfriend the wrapper of my first find, declaring that I'd finally discovered a place with a hoard of "Belgian candy bars" and that I was happy to be able to try some. Just as he was finishing his next sentence, which was to tell me that since we were just going to eat, that the candy bar should be ok in the glove box what with the low temperature that day, I was finishing off the first half of it. The second half had a similarly long lifespan. Time of delicious death for mr. Nougatti, here: 11:07am. Not for people with serious dental work, however. :)

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