Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If I see that lady again...

So the last entry I was getting better...

The very next day as I was headed to work appreciating almost feeling normal, I had the pleasure of sitting across from... her.  The woman who wouldn't stop coughing, and thought that somehow making a little futile fist four inches in front of her mouth was a good way of not propelling her ugly bad-woman germs all over the rest of us on the bus.  She didn't even turn her head away from people, which meant since I was sitting facing her, she was pretty much coughing ON ME!  Each time she did it, I wanted to throatpunch her, but I didn't, and now I have her stupid disease, which is some other variation of feeling crappy and having sinuses that feel full, but are dry.

While I'm able to breathe this time around, my head feels like a brick and I had 3, count'em, 3 nosebleeds last night.  The last one was at 3:20am, just an hour and a half after the second one, and was bad enough that I basically just walked downstairs and hung my head over the kitchen sink to bleed until my nose decided to stop playing this cruel game.  Boyfriend had asked me if I wanted to go with him to give blood this weekend, and this morning I told him I made a large enough donation to the city's sewer systems last night.  Ah yeah, and after working 3 days in a row, today is my only day off this week because tomorrow I'm back for another 3.

But, work seems to be going ok, getting better bit by bit, and hopefully it seems like I'm settling into the job nicely to the powers that be, since my contract is now about half-finished.  Though my job is physically tiring, I do enjoy it and I like what it is bringing into my life other than of course money.  I have nice co-workers, I enjoy being able to practice my French and I have to say I feel better and better there.  It seems some of the clients think I'm doing a good job too, because I've been tipped!  It was definitely a surprise since I didn't think that my job was one people tipped.  I told the tippers that it really wasn't necessary, but they actually really wanted to give me the tip which was, I guess flattering?  I'm hoping my boss thinks it's good too, because he'll be thinking about and deciding whether or not to re-sign my contract soon enough, and I'd be happy to keep working there.


The other night we went out for dinner and I realized that though I was never really INTO them in the first place, I am officially SO over frites.  Bleh.


Look who I met in the woods the other day... isn't he peculiar?

Now I'm off to sleep.  My body has been begging since 11am, and I think I'll die at work tomorrow if I can't give my immune system a bit of an edge.

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