Monday, September 21, 2009

I can breathe!

I'm getting better from super-cold, which absolutely rocks.  Breathing is so nice.  I might actually be able to read and study today without my mind melting and my eyes crossing.  Super-cold really did have me in full-sicky-mode: Tea-sipping, medication-taking, red-nosed, housecoat and slipper wearing, full out-of-commission misery.  I'm very happy to feel myself returning to normal.  I'm not there yet (still a lot of sinus pressure) but hopefully tomorrow?

The other day I ate this:
It's like a Kit-Kat, but less chocolate flavour since I believe the stuff in between the wafers is supposed to have a praline taste.  (?)  However... also like Kit-Kat, this bar comes in little 5-stick versions (The original "Leo") or the big one here (the "Leo Go").  Knowing that a Kit-Kat Chunky is different tasting (less good,) than a regular Kit-Kat, I'll have to try the original at some point too.

I'm trying to figure out how to grow lettuce indoors during the winter.  There is a skylight in the kitchen, and I'm convinced it can be done.  I'm also trying to figure out a way to bring my other little roof-friends like my oregano, chive, and cherry tomato plants inside for the winter in smaller, house-sized versions of their large roofy-selves.  Fall is definitely here, so I've got to figure this out soon.

And nowwww, to start my day.

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