Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Breakfast today...

Caught the 8:03am train back from Tournai this morning.  I'll tell you about it and post photos later, but I'll just say for now that Tournai is boo-RING.  What I'm about to talk about is more interesting than the experience of visiting the city of Tournai.

Aside from the coffee I had at the hotel, the pictures below show my breakfast this morning.  Yes, there were more nutritious choices available to me in the train station, like croissants, waffles, fruit juice and so on, but I had my eye on the snack machines to see if there was opportunity, and lo and behold, there was.  I was aiming for a particular bar which seems quite popular here, but my first try at the machine in my half-awake state resulted in me getting the one next to it, so I ate them both as breakfast. :)

My accidental purchase: Balisto Muesli-Mix.
Yes, I accidentally bought this.  Fortunately the gods decided to soften the blow of buying the wrong thing, by messing with the machine so it gave me two packages for the price of one.  I wouldn't really have originally classified these as "candy bars" judging by the supposed ingredients... but after tasting them and looking at the nutritional info, well let's just say these things don't really seem muesli-like, and are no better for you than a kit-kat bar.  They reminded me a little of Twix, but with a sweeter cookie, no caramel, and a few plump little currants hiding in there.  The currants are what make this bar better than you'd think.

My original target:  Lion
This guy is kind of like a Mr. Big, but a little less crunchy, and more chewy.  I think Mr. Big is better, because this thing isn't quite sure if it wants to be chewy or crunchy.  It kind of "pussies out" on the crispness-aspect that wafers and rice crisps should definitely deliver.  If the caramel were of thinner consistency, maybe the textural balance would be a little better, but you really lose out on what the wafers and crisps try to offer because of the caramel consistency.  Poor puss, you seem to be popular here, but I liked Balisto better than you.


Laura and Ben said...

Have you tried Toffee Crisp? It's kind of like a slightly girlier version of a Lion bar.

Having said that, you might not be able to get them in Belgium...

Jessica said...

I don't think I have, but I'll keep my eyes open to try one next time I'm in the UK. Thanks for the recommendation!