Thursday, August 13, 2009

Numb, Nom Nom.

Today I've started working my way back through my 8 completed units of the TEFL course as a review to polish off the final bits before the end of October, my deadline for finishing it all. I've watched all the video reviews and am now making my way through the audio books while reading my notes and looking over my finished assignments and feedback. I can do this now that I don't have to worry and be stupidly distracted and stressed about finding a job anymore. (Woo!)

I'm good at finding things to complain about sometimes though, and I'll complain only about this with the TEFL: it involves a lot of sitting.  It isn't brain-numbing, but it certainly is a killer on the posterior. My bum is hella-numb each time I get up to drink water, or to attempt to distract myself. Luckily it's raining today, and quite correctly, which works pretty well to keep me here, planted with little distraction and refilling my brain full of teaching theory and grammar.

In other news, when Boyfriend is out of town for work as he is now, it is the *perfect* time to indulge my curiosity in the strange foods I have no experience with at the grocery store (the ones that when I have asked him about them while we've shopped together have resulted in a disgusted face at the idea that I might want to put THAT in my MOUTH.)

Last time he was away for work, I tried canned cassoulet, thinking this might be kind of like Heinz baked beans, which my father used to cut wieners into. It is pretty much this, with a few other chunks of mystery meat in there as well, but sadly I haven't met a weiner here with the correct firm consistency (ed: this just sounds wrong, doesn't it?), and Heinz does the beans better. So it's a no, as was the velouté fish-soup, which was very, very bad.

This time while Boyfriend's been away, I've tried a canned version of Flemish Carbonnade, and tinned filets of mackerel in tomato sauce. I'll remind you that learning about the foods and general eating habits of other nations doesn't just mean going to fancy restaurants and eating waterzooi or steak de cheval.  While these are delicious, I must admit that I'm always curious about the 'convenience' foods of other nations.

So, given a few of the foods (that I am hesitant to admit to my boyfriend) that I have tried here, have I found enjoyment in any of these odd ventures yet? No, not really. I haven't yet found the kind of 'crap food' here that hits the spot in ways like the occasional can of Zoodles, or the odd Diet Dr. Pepper would do for me back home. Still haven't found "it" here. Thought I was in for a treat last night, when after fighting a seriously ridiculous sweet-craving for two days, I walked to the grocery store at 7pm to locate a fix. I settled on these "dentelles de Brugges", which are a super-thin cookie made of pretty much just sugar, butter, a bit of flour and ground cashew.  Sounds good right, like a cross between a brittle and a cookie? Well, I did eat the entire 75g box on the way back from the grocery store, but I didn't enjoy them. What...? It still had sugar in it... I'd just hoped for a little more satisfaction to go with it, you know? I am still mystified as to why there are no super-killer-amazing-nom-nom-chocolate-bars here. Like, CANDY-BARS, you know? Why is the UK kicking your ass on this one, BELGIUM????

Moving along: Have I ever mentioned that we live in an old-lady-house?  We do.  Boyfriend's Grandmother is currently in a home, dealing with dementia, and we are caring for her home while she is undergoing treatment.  This means there are a LOT of porcelain cherubs and decorative plates, crucifixes and the like about the place.  Today I discovered Boyfriend's Grandmother's stash of cds (which wasn't really much of a discovery, since they were sitting just next to our television.) Hello, mother-load-stash of opera and French singers I've never heard of! (There are a lot of French singers I haven't heard of.) My iTunes has had a fun day of sucking the data off those discs. :) Why, I'll be serenading my shower with songs like, uh, *checks cd case* "L'etranger au paradis" in no time!

Finally: this blog entry has managed to keep me seated but NOT studying for a good while. My bum is numb AGAIN. I'm getting up now.

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